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Tachycardia in Pregnancy

If causes are simple, then tachycardia in pregnancy is normal. However, some of the causes in tachycardia in pregnancy requires medical attention. Pregnancy brings a lot of physical and hormonal changes in a woman’s body. Therefore, owing to several changes taking place in the body during pregnancy increases cardiac output. During pregnancy the heart rate of a pregnant woman increases by 10-20 beats per minute. This articles focuses on the causes and treatment of tachycardia in pregnancy.

Tachycardia in Pregnancy

  • When the heart rate or rapid pulse rate increases compared to normal rate during pregnancy it is known as tachycardia. Usually when the heart beats more than 100 BPM is considered as tachycardia in pregnancy.
  • Tachycardia is further classified into two different types sinus tachycardia and non-sinus tachycardia.

Tachycardia in Pregnancy – Causes

  • Asthma
  • Lung infection
  • Anxiety
  • Dehydration
  • Acute blood loss
  • Amniotic fluid embolism
  • Sepsis
  • Exertion
  • Fever
  • Uterine rupture
  • Serious Injury
  • Side effect of medications and drugs
  • Heart diseases
  • Anaemia
  • Thyroid problems
  • Blood clot in lungs

Tachycardia in Pregnancy – Symptoms

  • Chest pain
  • Light-heartedness
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Numbness in various body parts.
  • Fainting
  • Palpitations
  • Anxiety

Tachycardia in Pregnancy – Treatment

  • Information about tachycardia in pregnancy is required in order to treat tachycardia. Weight gain during pregnancy also leads to tachycardia so weight gain should be properly monitored. A pregnant woman should avoid stimulants such as drugs, alcohol, caffeine and tobacco. Seek medical attention immediately if tachycardia in pregnancy is due to lungs diseases.
  • In order to treat tachycardia in pregnancy, drink plenty of water, take adequate rest and keep the body cool.
  • Meditation and yoga will help you to get relief from stress and anxiety.
  • In order to treat sinus tachycardia, one may take drugs such as beta blockers for treatment. It controls the effect of adrenaline on the sinus node.
  • A woman should not worry much about tachycardia during pregnancy because the symptoms observed may subside on their own with time.


Finding Sound Games | Toddler Games

By : The Toddler Games

Toddler use  the senses to know his/her surrounding environmental. This toddler game relies on two important senses: hearing and vision. Hidden voice makes enthusiastic toddler looking for. (for ages 24-30 months)


* Toys that sounds like a music box. May also music from a cassette / CD.
* Outdoor play.

How to play:

1. Ring the music from the music box. Hide in one area child playroom.
2. Invite a toddler into the room. Ask him to find the toy by hearing his voice.
3. When the child had found, give him praise.
4. Invite a toddler out of the room. Hide music box in different places.
5. Give your child a toy hidden opportunity that sound, you are looking for replacement.
6. For variety, sounding together two different kinds of music so that children can distinguish.
7. Security: Avoid hiding toys in a place that is hard to find the child. Do not let toddlers must climb or turn something heavy when he was looking for. Difficulties can make children frustrated and lack confidence because they feel unable to.

The ability to be sharpened:

* Gross Motor Skill
* Solving problems
* Hearing
* Vision

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The Toddler Games

Safe Exercises During Pregnancy

It is very necessary to exercise during pregnancy. Exercise makes a pregnant woman feels better and relaxed. Exercising is beneficial both for the pregnant woman and for the child. However it is very important to know what are types of exercises a pregnant woman should perform so that it does not cause any complications during pregnancy. This article focuses on the types and benefits of safe exercises during pregnancy.

Types of Safe Exercises During Pregnancy

Indoor Cycling:- Cycling provides movement to the muscles and also keeps the weight in check therefore cycling is good for health. Outdoor cycling can be dangerous so it is not advisable. Indoor cycling control the speed of the cycle, thus there is no danger from indoor cycling

Throughout the pregnancy period one may do walking. Walking is a type of exercise which one may do it anywhere and at any time. Walking keeps you and your baby fit. Some of the things that one should keep in mind while walking is do not walk fast. Walk slowly without giving yourself stress. Wear comfortable sports shoes while walking.

Yoga:- Yoga for pregnant women helps in maintaining mental as well as physical health of a pregnant woman. Yoga improves concentration which is very important while delivering a baby. The yoga exercise known as asanas is very good for baby as it makes the baby flexible and strong.

Aquanatal Classes:- Aquantal classes are those classes where a pregnant woman perform gentle exercises while standing on the water. This exercise will make a pregnant woman feel happy and relaxed. Aquantal exercises reduces the swelling in the legs.

Benefits of Safe Exercises During Pregnancy

  • Reduces discomfort
  • Safe exercise makes the muscles stretchable and strengthened
  • Exercising prepares the expected mother to bear the pain during delivery
  • Exercise also ease the labor pain and shortens the delivery time of the baby.
  • Exercise gives relief from nausea, back ache, better sleep and extra energy.

It is advisable to consult a doctor before doing this exercises. Do not stress yourself and stop doing exercise if your experiencing severe pain.


Cup Concentration: A Textures Matching Game for Toddlers

We had Little Biscuit’s final visit from our Parents as Teachers rep this week and she had a great idea for a game we had to try. We collected some random odds and ends from around the house that were 2 of a kind – two craft pompoms, 2 mini cars, 2 little wood men, 2 marbles, 2 hair ties, 2 Cars dominoes, 2 bendy straw ends, 2 foam circles, and 2 q-tips (the objects can be anything as long as they match, have different textures, are safe for toddler hands and are small enough to fit in a cup). Before we played the game, I let Little Biscuit hold, touch and handle the gizmos for a few minutes so he’d know the differences and how they felt.

Then, we dumped them all into an 8-oz cup…

 I put the cup inside one of his daddy’s (clean!) tube socks so he couldn’t see inside. We shook it up and, without looking, I pulled out one of the objects (a little orange wooden man). So it was his turn …I let him put his hand down inside the sock…his challenge was to find the other orange man without peeking. He could only feel around for it…

Yay!! He did it :D

 He was quite proud of himself :)

 His first cup concentration match of the day…

 Mommy’s turn…can she find the hair tie Little  Biscuit pulled out? If she does, she wins a BIG kiss, just like he did!! (Yippee, I won a big one!!! Here it comes…)

 Another turn for Little Biscuit…can he find the other foamie circle?

 Of course he can :D

 We had a lot of fun – what a great learning game…thanks, PAT!

Toddler @ Play! // New Games. Activities. Outings. Fun.

Low-Income Tax Clinic Achieves Record Tax Season


Former staff member & current volunteer Alberto Rosas assists a Tax Clinic client.

HPP’s Low-Income Tax Clinic, which offers free tax preparation and assistance to clients and low-income families, reported another record tax season this year, with an 86% increase in filed returns compared to last year.  The clinic helped families obtain a total of ,000,447 in federal refunds and approximately 3,000 in EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit). According to Tax Clinic Director Grant Schettler, at least half of last year’s tax clients return, demonstrating a high retention rate for the site.

“Clients feel very welcome here, and we are considered one of the best sites by the IRS and United Way,” Schettler said. “We get so many clients because of our great reputation; they spread the word about the clinic and our high quality work.”

The Tax Clinic would not be such a success without the help of 15 fantastic volunteers who dedicated their time and efforts this tax season. Liz Steppe is one such volunteer. “I initially got involved in doing tax preparation through sheer confusion and frustration from doing my own taxes,” Steppe said. “IRS documents were little help and the various online tax software programs were confusing and time-consuming, and I couldn’t afford to pay for someone else to do them for me. I took a class, which led me to think often about how the tax season is pretty daunting to most people. With my newfound knowledge, I wanted to extend what I had learned to people who needed it like I used to.”

Throughout the year, the Low Income Tax Clinic is in need of tax attorneys, CPAs, and Spanish/English translators to provide in-depth volunteer tax assistance to our clients. If you are interested in volunteering, please click here.


Homeless Prenatal Program

Morning Sickness at Night

Morning sickness at night is a common occurrence although it might be strange. Other pregnancy causes such as vomiting, back pain and nausea, morning sickness at night is triggered by hormonal changes. During the sixth week of pregnancy morning sickness is a common symptoms experienced by many pregnant women. Most of the times morning sickness are mild and causes vomiting but if morning sickness are severe it may lead to weight loss, dehydration, hypokalemia and alkalises. Usually pregnant women complains about morning sickness in the morning however one may experience morning sickness at any time of the day and even during night. This article focuses on the causes and home remedies of morning sickness at night.

Morning Sickness at Night – Causes

  • One may experience feeling of nausea and vomiting during night when the stomach is empty and one may feel fatigued.
  • Morning sickness during night is quite distressing as it may keep you awake all through the night.
  • Feeling of vomiting and nausea are the most common causes of morning sickness.
  • Due to the rise of estrogen levels during pregnancy lead to nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.
  • Rise in the human chronic gonadotropin hormonal levels also leads to morning sickness.
  • Consumption of rich and spicy food which affects the stomach bacterium of a pregnant woman may also leads to morning sickness.
  • Morning sickness during night may attribute to have twins and multiplies.

Morning Sickness at Night – Home Remedies

  • Before going to bed eat a small snack consisting of milk, cereals or a sandwich.
  • While you are going to sleep, keep your windows open to let the fresh air come inside the room.
  • Eat little amount of food rather than stuffing yourself with a lot of food.
  • Eat food after every two to three hours.
  • Avoid eating spicy and junk food.
  • In order to reduce nausea drink ginger tea.
  • Take rest several times in a day by keeping a pillow under your head or legs. In order to get rid from nausea and vomiting sleep adequately.
  • Avoid sudden and jerky movements.
  • Exercising and walking will help you to get rid from nauseated feelings.

Consult a doctor immediately if you are experiencing morning sickness at night and causing dehydration. Extreme morning sickness causes extreme vomiting and nausea which may lead to weight loss and dehydration.


Physics for Toddler: Crystals of Salt

All toddlers are very curious about everything happening around them. So why not to show some interesting physics experiments for toddlers? I think it’s just a high time because it will help to understand the things around better.

To tell about everything is good but sometimes it’s better to show some simple experiments to explain how the things works.

Possibility to see, to smell, to touch and to take part is making a better favor than thousands developing flesh cards and videos. Proved by life.

Today I propose you this simple demonstration of crystals grown from usual salt, which is very easy and interesting for kids of all ages. (Even for parents. I’ve made the first crystal in my life.)

All you need is a cup and some salt water on the bottom of the cup. Show you toddler the cup with salted water and put it in some warm place for some days. When the water dry out you’ll see such crystals on the bottom like on my photo.

Sea Salt Crystal on the bottom of the coffee cup

It’s very interesting to explore with toddler the shapes and patterns on the crystals of salt you’ve grown in the cup. You can even lick them to know the taste.

You can make it from usual salt you use for cooking but I used a sea water for our crystals.

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Babies R Us Coupons

Babies R Us Coupons – Get babies r Us Coupons for free. Babies hold a special place in one’s life, i think you will need this coupons. Either you are a guy or a girl, no matter whether you are still a bachelor or married, each and every one of us falls for liking babies. You can call it there beauty or innocence as the X-factor but we must admit that everyone likes them in a special manner. May be because once we were like them and humans have an intention, especially guys for never growing and want the time to be static. As love for babies has spread across the environment of this globe, so has the demand of their parents and relatives in selecting best things for them. To fulfill their needs, BabiesRUs has come forward with a store chain who sells nation’s premier baby products. They hold [...]

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Body Temperature During Pregnancy

For every mother-to-be, pregnancy is a special time. However this may lead to a lot of discomfort and anxiety because of the physical and hormonal changes experienced by a pregnant woman. These changes leads to slight increase in the body temperature due to various reasons. This article focuses on the changes that take place in the body temperature during pregnancy.

Body Temperature Changes During Pregnancy

  • During a pregnancy there is a change in the body temperature. A track of basal body temperature is noted down right from the time when a pregnant woman start trying for conception.
  • Before ovulation the basal temperature of a woman’s body is somewhere between 96.0 and 97.5 degrees fahrenheit.
  • After the ovulation the temperature of the body raises by 0.4 to 0.6 degrees.
  • During this time the woman is fertile.
  • A woman is pregnant if fertilisation and conception takes place during this period.
  • Two weeks after ovulation if the body temperature remains raised means that your are pregnant.
  • Slightly raised temperature is one of the early signs of pregnancy.
  • The metabolic rate of the body increases during pregnancy resulting in the changes in the body temperature.
  • The body now takes care of the fetus and mother.
  • You may observe slightly elevate temperature because there is an increase in the amount of activity in the body.
  • During pregnancy the hormonal changes also causes changes in the body temperature such as hot flashes which are commonly experienced by many pregnant woman.

Body Temperature During Pregnancy leads to Abnormalities in the Body

  • One should not worry much about if there is a slight change in the body temperature.
  • During pregnancy the body temperature is already on the higher side.
  • One should be careful and cautious in order to ensure that the body temperature remains under normal condition.
  • You must consult a doctor when your body temperature is more than 100.4 degrees fahrenheit.
  • 102 degree fahrenheit temperature should be considered as a matter of severe condition.
  • A higher temperature than 102 degrees fahrenheit is always considered to be harmful as it may pose a potential threat to the developing fetus.
  • In order to keep the body temperature under normal condition, a pregnant woman should drink plenty of water and maintain a healthy diet.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes. Wear clothes which are loose and comfortable to you.

Use a basal thermometer in order to check your body temperature.You may measure your temperature in the morning or before going to bed.


Foods you Should Avoid While Breastfeeding

Many women feel as if they can eat whatever it is that they would like to eat even as they breast feel. Although this is true to a point, there are foods that can alter the way milk tastes and even though babies seem to enjoy being breast fed with all varieties of breast milk flavors, your baby can get upset or even develop an upset stomach right after you have eaten a particular type of food and then proceeded to breastfeed your baby.
In the case that you notice this occurring, you will need to just avoid any particular foods or food that may cause your baby any level of discomfort.
One of the most popular foods that can change the breast milk flavor is chocolate, citrus fruits, garlic, limes, gassy vegetables such as broccoli, prunes, cherries, spices e.t.c Such foods can interfere with breast [...]

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Baby Development Milestones | Newborn Baby Care | Baby First Year