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What Causes Upset Stomach During Pregnancy

Women experience many changes in pregnancy and they also suffer from many problems. One such problem is upset stomach during pregnancy. Diarrhea is a common symptom of upset stomach in pregnancy. The main cause for upset stomach is mainly due to something outside the body. It is sometimes caused by an imbalance in the hormonal levels. Upset stomach during pregnancy is usually not serious but if it is accompanied by vomiting, severe abdominal pain and high fever then you may need medical attention immediately.

Causes of Upset Stomach In Pregnancy
Here are some of the causes of upset stomach in pregnancy:

Food Poisoning
Food poisoning is one of the causes of an upset stomach and a pregnant women may have mild symptoms like fever, aches along with diarrhea. Sometimes it is caused die to bacterial invasion and may need hospitalization for further treatment. Food poisoning begins with fever and chills, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration and abdominal cramps. In severe cases, she may also experience diarrhea with abdominal pains and intense cramps. But usually these symptoms disappear within the 24 hours.

Stomach Virus
Stomach viruses also can cause pregnant women to have watery diarrhea and cramps in the abdomen. As you are carrying, it can make you susceptible to many infections and stress. These infections occur in the stomach and may vary from mild to severe. It may last for about five to ten days, which depends on the immunity system of the pregnant woman.

Hormonal Changes
The fluctuations in the hormonal levels contributes to diarrhea in the pregnant women. Many of the women experience a change in their hormonal levels, which can relax and slow down the gastrointestinal tract. This in turn triggers diarrhea, which results in an upset stomach. The hormones play a major role as it causes upset stomach.

Even if you have changes in the diet then also it can result in an upset stomach. Many women change their diet to a healthy one like eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruits to supply all the required nutrients to the baby for proper growth. A pregnant woman can suffer from diarrhea and upset stomach if she changes her diet suddenly and quickly. You need to give your body a chance to adapt to the changes occurring in your body. This can help you to prevent stomach upset. Some may face this problem when they consume more of diary products as they are lactulose intolerant. This can lead to diarrhea and other symptoms. So, stop the intake of such foods that upsets your stomach.

These are some of the causes of upset stomach during pregnancy and so, you need to avoid sudden change in the dietary pattern and follow a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle for a healthy pregnancy.


World Series Champs San Francisco Giants Celebrate with HPP Families


San Francisco Giants President Larry Baer (left) with an HPP attendee

Over 80 children from HPP families currently in the shelter system had a ball at the San Francisco Giants’ annual holiday party at AT&T Park. Led by HPP childcare staff Jeaneth Palacios and Helen Neeley, children were treated to a magic show, pizza party, and of course some one-on-one time with Santa himself. SF Giants President Larry Baer also showed up to partake in the celebration. “Everyone had so much fun and were grateful for the opportunity to be with their families and set aside their worries for a day,” Neeley said.

Homeless Prenatal Program

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Tips to Avoid Tiredness During Pregnancy

Tiredness is a common sign during pregnancy but, by taking proper sleep, exercising and eating healthy, you can avoid tiredness during pregnancy. Here are some simple tips to avoid tiredness during pregnancy. Extreme tiredness is common and is the most difficult thing to deal with during pregnancy.

Tips to Avoid Tiredness During Pregnancy
Here are some of the simple ways to avoid tiredness during pregnancy:

  • Take Rest: Take enough rest during the day and during the night as well. Take a quick and short nap because it is important for your body to relax. This will help in increasing the energy levels in the body. But you are not supposed to curl up on the bed the whole day. You need to take short naps, which keeps you energized throughout the day.
  • Exercise: Exercising improves the blood circulation and the metabolic rate increases. The most simple form of exercise and the easiest way is to go for a walk. You can also do mild workout, swim exercises or prenatal yoga. This keeps you energized and is a sure way to prevent tiredness.
  • Eat Right: Now since you are eating for two, you need to increase the caloric intake. You must watch what you eat and make sure that you have a balanced and healthy diet that is rich in carbohydrates, proteins, iron and vitamins. Eat a lot fruits, dairy products and vegetables for the good health of the baby and you as well. This another way of fighting tiredness.
  • Eat In Small Proportions: Eat small and frequent meals. This will reserve your energy levels as it prevents bloating and you will not feel sleepy and tired. When you start eating five to six meals everyday, the body will have energy throughout the day by preventing tiredness.
  • Keep Yourself Hydrated: Drink lots of water as it makes your body work smoothly. This helps in cleansing and detoxification of the boy. Drink to fresh fruit juices as it helps you remain active the whole day.
  • Listen To Your Body: Whenever you are tired, take a nap and do not overexert yourself. This prevents pain and injury and when you take the required rest, it gives you a feeling of wellness.
  • Stress-free: One more thing that you are supposed to do is to avoid crowded and noisy places. Surround yourself with happy and positive people or listen to music and do other relaxation techniques. These are some of the best ways to have a stress free life and avoid tiredness.
  • Exposure to Fresh Air: You also need to avoid unpleasant and polluted environment. This is important for you to get good ventilation and fresh air. This will make you stay fit and healthy by not falling sick.

So, now since you have got to know tips to avoid tiredness during pregnancy, try to follow and them and see how it works for you. You can fully enjoy your pregnancy and you will no more be tired. You would love and enjoy this wonderful time of pregnancy.


Best Gifts for Pregnant Women

It is easy to shop for a pregnant women as there are tons of things that a pregnant woman needs. You can get some of the best gifts for pregnant women that makes them feel good or gift items that will help them throughout the tougher times of pregnancy. So, here are some of the best gifts for pregnant women.

Best Gifts for Pregnant Women
Here are some creative ideas for gifting your pregnant wife, friend or daughter:

  • Pampering Gifts: Pregnancy is a phase that is a bit uncomfortable, painful sometimes and hard at times. So you can give them pampering gifts that can be a belly cream, bath salts, foot scrubs and a perfume if she is not nauseous.
  • Clothes: Clothes are something that every women craves for and especially, in pregnancy as there is an excessive weight gain. She may not be comfortable with the old clothes and so, you can gift her a comfortable lounge outfit, which she can wear around the house. You can also give her cardigan sweaters as it can be worn even if she grows fat. You can also present her with a gift card to her favourite store to shop whatever she likes.
  • Accessories or Jewelry: Jewelry or accessories are great gifts for any woman and a pregnant woman is no exception because accessories are something that they love to have. You can gift her a dangly earrings, new bracelet or necklace. Husbands out there can give them those new diamond studs or the pearl necklace, which she had be longing to have are surely great ways to reward your wife.
  • Magazines or Books: If it is her first pregnancy then she would love to read about the baby’s development and the changes that occur in her body. There are many books and magazines that you get depending on different personalities and tastes. This will surely help her to pass the time during pregnancy.
  • Journals or Scrapbooks: Pregnancy is a precious time filled with emotions. You can buy a scrapbook or a journal where is can pen down all the sweet moments of pregnancy. This can be shared with her children in the future.

  • Cravings: If she is craving for any particular foods like cheese, milkshakes or Mexican foods then you can make a cravings basket or buy gift cards to her favourite restaurants or stores. You can even take her out for a lunch or dinner at her favourite restaurant.
  • Gifts of Comfort: You can also opt for fuzzy slippers, thick robe or pregnancy pillows. You cans also gift her a cozy blanket or a recliner to keep her foot up. These are great ways to helps her by giving the gift of comfort.

So, these ideas are some of the best gifts for pregnant women. She will not only love to have one but would also cherish the memories of pregnancy.


Red Raspberry Tea During Pregnancy

Red raspberry tea has rich content of minerals and vitamins that has many medicinal uses. Red raspberry tea and pregnancy are closely related to each other because it is used in treating infertility, miscarriages and it is also used to induce labor. This tea is found to be useful even when you are trying to get pregnant because it is believed that red raspberry and fertility go in hand. These berries are rich in vitamin C, E, calcium, vitamin A, B and iron. It also has certain minerals like potassium and phosphorous. It is also said to tone the uterus due to its alkaloid properties. It also helps to stop constipation that many women face during pregnancy. It also prevents miscarriage by fertilizing the egg that is attached to the uterine lining and it remains the attached there.

Red Raspberry Tea During Pregnancy
Taking red raspberry tea during pregnancy has many benefits and some of them are:

  • The main advantage is that it increases the blood circulation.
  • It eliminates complications that might occur in pregnancy.
  • It prevents bleeding or hemorrhage during the postpartum period by toning the uterus from a relaxed or atonic uterus.
  • It relieves morning sickness during the initial phase of pregnancy.
  • It also relieves abdominal distress and nausea that occur throughout the phase of pregnancy.
  • It builds up the immune system and helps in the bone development of the baby.
  • It also helps to induce labor and reduce pain during and after labor.
  • It reduces the pain during delivery or minimises the pain and speeds the recovery period.
  • It also helps in increasing the milk production in mothers.
  • The best benefits is that it reduces the chances of cesarean section by rupturing the membranes for a forceps delivery.
  • It improves the contractions during labor and helps the uterus in normal functioning without any tension by making the birth easier and faster.

So, these were some of the benefits of red raspberry tea during pregnancy. But before you consume this tea regularly, you need to consult your midwife or gynaecologist because sometimes doctors avoid the intake of this tea in certain conditions.


Helping the baby to graduate to solid food

Posted by EightNine on Oct 5th 2010

There comes a time when it will no longer be appropriate to feed the baby with mushy food. This is when solids are included in the diet. The leap to solid foods can be both dramatic and effective in terms of helping the baby to grow. People that are experienced in baby nutrition know about the full benefits of making the right transitional moves. They also understand that the baby will probably require a period of adjustment before they are prepared to take solid foods on a regular basis. The parent will need to watch out for the so called baby milestones. They occur between five months and eight months after birth. They are the clues that will help the parent to deal with all the requirements of the child as well as to understand the right time to introduce solids into the diet as would be expected in the normal circumstances.

The parent should look out for clues that the baby is well developed enough to take solids on a regular basis. The people that understand baby nutrition care will know when the time is right. However some people will need guidance especially if they are relatively inexperienced in child rearing. The signs will be there and they should be picked up or else the growth of the baby might be held back for a while. It is also important to watch out for the dangers of constipation if the child is not ready. The introduction of solid foods is a gradual process that is always tested back and forth to see whether the child is coping well with the requirements. In some ways it is the beginning of their work in terms of development and other aspects.

Being persistence in the introduction of solids

The process of baby nutrition requires that the parent is persistent in their attempts to get the child to eat solids. However this does not mean that the child is pressed to take up foods that they are not ready for. Often the work is done on a feeding schedule which determines the periods at which different foods are introduced into the diet. There should also be a mechanism for recording the response of the child to see whether they actually reject the food or not. Breast milk is the starting point but it is certainly not the end point. At about six months there is a need to think about table foods. Some children will even start earlier at about four months.

There is a need to maintain formula feed as part of the baby nutrition care program. This practically means that the baby will have alternatives if they do not like a specific type of food that the parent is preparing for them. The parent has to think about the possibilities of teaching the child healthy feeding habits. It is said that many of the bad habits that people develop start at this point in their lives. They will learn to skip breakfast and to hog food when they get the chance. They might even develop a taste for junk food.

The initial dietary plan

There are a series of first foods that are used for the babies in all the different contexts. The paediatricians might advise that it is probably better for the parents to wait for about six months before they start the child on solid foods while others are content with four months. After six months then the waiting period goes beyond the norm for baby nutrition. The baby will give some indications as to the time when they are ready to take on these foods.

The breast milk formula will be the starting point at about 32 ounces a day. The baby may also begin to hold the head well thus indicating that they are going through their normal developmental process with great speed. They will also be able to sit without too much support. That is a time when there is an interest in solid food. The tongue thrust stage is what is known as the idea time to start on solids.

The initial attempts should be made in the times when they are really happy before they take on the feeding session. This will make them associate the solid foods with happy memories. That makes for a great beginning in terms of the way that they handle the different elements of the feeding program. It is best to go for the second feeding of the day in order to give the baby the best chance to adjust to the baby nutrition care.

To begin with the baby should be given a tablespoon of cereal with about five tablespoons of natural milk from the breast.  It will take time for the baby to get used to the texture and it might all dribble down in the first instance. When the baby becomes more used to the regime then they should get another iron fortified cereal such as barley. Pureed fruits are also a good idea. This will then progress to vegetables and meat products. The parent should be way of allergies at this point because they will become manifest in due course.

Getting to the advanced menu for the baby

At about seven to nine months, the baby will be taking less formula at about twenty four to thirty two ounces a day. There will also be a process of honing the pincer to grasp certain soft foods. Green beans are really advanced in terms of texture and taste. Vegetables should come before fruits. Solid foods should be offered twice daily with about four tablespoons with each meal. The baby will begin to self regulate and indicate when they are full up. The use of bananas and avocado will be a great help to build the nutrients that are essential for baby nutrition. At about 9 months certain brands such as Cheerios might become appropriate.

This will then lead to thicker textures including tofu. It is best to stick with the small portions in order to avoid choking. At ten months the baby will be able to go for about twenty four ounces of breast milk and formula on a daily basis. The everyday food will join the menu including pasta and egg yolks. The meat can be shredded for better texture. Fish must be limited to twelve ounces per week in order to avoid mercury exposure. Pasteurized cheese might also be added to the mix for better balance.

Things to look out for at the late stage

The parent needs to keep away from the full fat cow milk in the preliminary year due to the difficulties with the digestive system. Cheese and yoghurt are actually easier to digest because they have been through a culturing process. The honey is at risk of causing botulism and food poisoning.  Citrus fruits might also not be appropriate. Butter and egg whites should be avoided including shellfish. As a tip the baby should be strapped to a chair when feeding in order to avoid choking. The rudiments of baby nutrition care require proper attention to the safety of the child.

In many ways this is a learning experience for both the parent and the child. They should embrace it in that spirit. They also have to be prepared for all the work that is required to keep up the good work with the projects. In due course it will all pay off. The child will get the care they need and the parent will be able to deal with their growth baby nutrition responsibilities. The process of growing up will take the strain on both the parents and children. It also means that they have to ensure that they are dealing with every single element of the program with due diligence. Children are very responsive to the moves by the parent to assist them in their growth. It is also the best way of dealing with their nutritional requirements.

As the child grows they will develop their own tastes for the things that they enjoy. They will also be able to make decisions on the way that they handle their dietary requirements. The progress to the solid foods is never easy and therefore the baby has to be supported all the way. They also have to get the best sort of guidance so that they do not choke on the food. Responsible parenthood requires that the mum or dad goes out of their way to introduce the baby to the food that will be part of its environment. They also have to ensure that the baby is well looked after.

The configurations with the baby feeding have to concentrate on the things that matter. They have to give the baby the very best choices. At its best baby nutrition is all about finding the personality of the baby and making it work in all circumstances. It is also about finding the right balanced diet for the baby. That is the best way of giving the baby a good start in life.

Baby Nutrition Care Tips With Ideas…

2010 Insight Bowl: Missouri vs Iowa

The 10-2 Missouri Tigers and 7-5 Iowa Hawkeyes will square off on Tuesday night in Tempe, Arizona in the 22nd rendition of the Insight Bowl.
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Reverse Tubal Ligation – Can We Reverse Tubal Ligation

We can reverse the procedure of tubal ligation and the most important thing is to give all the records and facts to your health care provider about the previous tubal ligation procedure. To reverse tubal ligation, the doctor has to determine the method of tubal ligation you have undergone. Reverse tubal ligation procedure is done by doing a microsurgery, where the two remaining portion of the fallopian tubes are rejoined.

Tubal Ligation Reversal
Tubal ligation reversal is a simple procedure that can done, but there are some things that are needed for a successful reversal of tubal ligation procedure:

  • Microsurgery is the procedure used to join the remaining portion of the fallopian tubes.
  • There are certain factors that have a direct effect on tubal ligation reversal and the reason for this is the diameter of the fallopian tube varies from one end to the other.
  • The best way for success is when the diameter of both the fallopian tubes are identical.
  • In some of the cases, where the ends of the tubes are not identical then the narrow end of the tube that is close to the uterus is connected to the wider end that is to the end of the fallopian tube.
  • In such cases, the success rates for pregnancy are lower and the ideal candidate for this reversal procedure is a woman, who has equal diameters of the fallopian tubes.
  • Women who have a very little chance of reversing this procedure should not be advised for the reversal of tubal ligation.
  • They should be advised to consider or go for in vitro fertilization.
  • The only thing you can do is talk to your health care provider to guide you with the best option for achieving successful pregnancy by this reversal procedure or by going for in vitro fertilization.

Success Rates of Tubal Ligation Reversal
There are many factors that play a major role for the success of tubal ligation reversal. They are:

  • The amount of damage that is caused by the original tubal ligation procedure relates directly to the success rate of the reversal procedure.
  • The age of the woman and the time she wants this procedure to be done.
  • The originally performed procedure that is the type of tubal ligation done.

Women who were advised for tubal ligation reversal procedure were those whose ligations were done by the removing a small part of the fallopian tubes or whose fallopian tubes were tied by using rings or clips. The overall success rates for tubal ligation reversal varies from 20% to 70%.


Animal Dress Up

Make sure that your toddler’s animals and dolls are prepared for Christmas and the holidays by dressing them up.
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