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Current Trends in California Zinfandel 2011

California’s signature variety continues to evolve.
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Safety Guidelines for Prenatal Yoga

Yoga during pregnancy is an excellent way, which helps you and your baby to be healthy. Many pregnant women are turning to prenatal yoga. However, there are certain safety guidelines for prenatal yoga to protect you and your bay’s health. Read on to explore some of the guidelines before you start yoga during pregnancy.

Special Safety Guidelines for Prenatal Yoga
Read on to explore the safety precautions that every pregnant woman must take before starting yoga:

  • Consult your Health Care Provider: Before you start yoga, you must make sure that you talk to your doctor. Sometimes, doctors may tell you not to do yoga for example if you have a history of miscarriage or preterm labour. Certain medical conditions like back problems and heart diseases.
  • Set Goals: You need to have at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity. You need to set goals and allot a specific time for the physical activity. However, less frequent or even shorter workouts can help a great deal to stay in shape.
  • Pace yourself: Do not push yourself too hard as it can strain you. So, pace your exercise schedule in such a way that it will not push you too hard. You must be comfortable.
  • Stay Hydrated: You must practise yoga in well ventilated room to avoid the problem of over heating. Drink lots of water during prenatal yoga to keep you hydrated.

  • Avoid certain postures: When you perform certain poses, bend your hips not your back. This helps you to maintain the normal curvature of the spine. Do not lie on your belly or back and avoid inverted poses, which can pressurise your abdomen. As the pregnancy progresses, use props for comfort. If you have any doubt about any pose then ask your instructor before doing it.
  • Don’t overdo it: Pay special attention to your body and start slowly to avoid positions that are beyond your level of comfort. Stretching must be done according to your comfort.

Therefore, keep these instructions in your mind before you do

  • prenatal yoga
  • as sometimes you may experience vaginal bleeding, decreased foetal movements during the yoga session. All you have to is stop and contact your health care provider.


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    Symptoms of Miscarriage

    Symptoms of miscarriage include the following: • Spotting or bleeding from the vagina. This may be as little as a small amount of spotting or as much as the heavy flow of menstrual bleeding. There may be blood clots. If you have bleeding, try to save a sample of the flow, particularly any solid material. [...]

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    Baby Development Milestones

    What is Post Pregnancy Hair Loss?

    Hair loss and pregnancy are closely related to each other and hair loss is common after delivery. Post pregnancy hair loss occurs because during the phase of pregnancy, number of hairs are in the phase of resting that is a part of the normal cycle of hair loss. This is not a serious condition and does not cause permanent hair loss. If you face unusual hair loss then you may be deficient in certain vitamins or minerals.
    The most common time for hair loss is after 3 months of delivery. Hormonal rise during pregnancy keeps you from losing hair during pregnancy. The hormones return to their normal levels after delivery. This increases hair loss and again return to the normal cycle. The hair loss occurs heavily in the 3rd or 4th months after delivery because the hair follicles rejuvenate. This hair loss is temporary and it returns to normal within 6 to 12 months. So, you need not worry about the post pregnancy hair loss.

    Causes of Hair Loss After Delivery
    Hair loss is usually triggered by factors like changes in the estrogen levels or any hormonal imbalance in the body. Here are some of reasons for hair loss after the birth of baby:

    • A hormonal imbalance
    • Abortion
    • Miscarriage or still birth
    • Discontinuation of birth pills or any type of birth control pills

    Positive Effects of Pregnancy and Hair
    There is an increase in the level of estrogen levels during pregnancy. This hormone causes the hair to be stable in the growing phase, which in turn stimulates the hair growth. You should expect a full luxurious hair while you are pregnant.

    Tips for Hair During Pregnancy and After Delivery
    There are a number of tips for you to reduce hair loss and have a healthier air during pregnancy and especially, after delivery:

    • Avoid cornrows, braids, pigtails, hair weaves and tight hair rollers as these can pull and cause stress to your hair.
    • Consult your health care provider to know if you have the right levels of hormones.
    • Consume diet rich in vegetables and fruits, that has antioxidants and flavonoids that encourages hair growth and provides protection for the hair follicles.
    • Start using shampoos and conditioners that has biotin and silica.
    • Avoid fine tooth combs especially, when your hair is wet as it is fragile and so, be gentle.
    • If you are tempted to use heated hair instruments like low dryers then use the cool setting.
    • Supplement your diet with certain nutrients like Vitamin B complex, C, E, biotin and zinc.

    These are some of the useful tips to be followed if you suffer from severe post pregnancy hair loss.


    Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Cramping

    The most common symptoms of pregnancy is cramping, which is a cause of discomfort for many women. Early pregnancy symptoms and cramping are closely related because this pain occurs at the back, if you have just known that your are pregnant. When the egg fertilizes and gets attached to the uterus, the uterine shape changes. This results in a cramping sensation in the back. Most of the cramping can be treated with simple techniques like a warm soaking in the bathtub or with a cold or hot compress. Cramps are usually caused due to the procedure of implantation that occurs immediately after fertilization.

    Implantation bleeding is nothing but occurs as a result of the embryo getting attached to the uterine walls. This could result in intermittent bleeding and spotting that results in conception. These signs are accompanied with cramping and you need not worry as it is a sign of conception. Implantation bleeding is light, unlike normal menstruation.

    Is Cramping Serious?
    One of the early signs of pregnancy is cramping, which is a normal phenomenon that can be experienced by many women. However, cramping can be a serious sign if:

    • You have excessive bleeding
    • Bleeding is dark colored
    • Pain does not reduce even after few minutes
    • You have had previous miscarriages

    If you find the above symptoms then do not hesitate to get in touch with your doctor. This can stop further worsening of the condition and could even save your pregnancy. Do not take pills to reduce the cramping pain. There are other signs of early pregnancy symptoms like amenorrhea or missed periods, feeling of tiredness or weakness and nausea.

    Cramping is uncomfortable for most of the women. However, you need not worry about it until you find excessive bleeding or pain. So, you need yo keep in mind that though cramping is a sign of pregnancy, this can be a sign for something serious and may need immediate medical attention.


    All–American Daylilies Facilitates Hemerocallis Variety Selection

    The All-American Daylily Selection Council (AADSC) wants to make sure home gardens and commercial landscapes nurture the best daylily cultivars available.
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    URGENT ACTION: Tell Legislators we want babies born healthy

    Thanks to all of you who during last year’s legislative session used your voice to speak up on behalf of Nebraska babies.  Despite our best efforts, 1,619 mothers lost access to prenatal care through Medicaid.  Anecdotal evidence from Community Health Centers suggests that this change has resulted in a  higher incidence of stillbirths and women delivering in clinics instead of hospitals.

    Your voice is needed once again!  There are only two days left to introduce a bill to restore prenatal care for all unborn babies.  Please take a moment to call (402) 471-2731 or email Senator Kathy Campbell’s office to thank her for her leadership on this issue and tell her you support legislation to restore prenatal care for all low-income women and their unborn children.  If you are a resident of Senator Campbell’s district,  be sure to let her know that when you call.

    We want our legislature to know that these babies have not been forgotten, and that there are many Nebraskans who will continue to speak up on their behalf.  Contact Senator Campbell’s office TODAY and tell her you support further efforts to make sure all Nebraska babies are born healthy.

    Effective Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness

    Morning sickness is the most common problem that every pregnant women faces but the good news is that there are many natural remedies for for morning sickness. You can try any one remedy because one might not work but the other may work for you. If nothing works then either you can consult a doctor for further treatment or you can also just hang on if you do not have severe nausea and vomiting. Here we have a variety of natural remedies that relieves you from morning sickness. However, consult your health care giver if you have severe morning sickness.

    Natural remedies for Morning Sickness
    Here are some of the simple home remedies for morning sickness:

    • Take plenty of rest.
    • Chew the food that you eat thoroughly.
    • You should see that the stomach is never empty completely and for this you need to carry cheese, crackers or cheese to munch on throughout the day.
    • You can also keep snacks by the bedside to eat whenever you get up from the bed in the middle of the night.
    • Snacks can be taken immediately after you wake up in the morning as this keeps the blood sugar levels normal. You must get up slowly from the bed.
    • Eat crunchy and salty foods.
    • You can also sniff a freshly peeled lemon to reduce nausea.
    • Eat a carbohydrate and protein rich food instead of foods low in fats.
    • The breads and crackers that you eat must be made from whole grain.
    • Eat a snack that is high in proteins before going to bed in the night.
    • Mix wheat germ with milk and take few teaspoons every hour.
    • Avoid smoky or stuffy rooms and strong odors that cause nausea.
    • You can also mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and one tablespoons of honey in cold water. Drink this mixture before going to bed.
    • You can also suck a piece of ginger root after peeling.
    • You can also drink ginger tea by boiling ginger root in water. You can add honey and drink this mixture.
    • Drink red raspberry leaf, squaw vine, spearmint or peppermint tea.
    • You can also purchase motion sickness bands and wear them on the wrists.
    • You can also limit yourself to a single food, which you can tolerate well and you can add an additional food slowly.
    • You can put drop of peppermint and three drops of lavender oil in a humidifier or diffuser to scent in the air.
    • You can also keep lavender scented cold compress over the rib cage and over the forehead.
    • You can also get a massage done with chamomile oil.
    • You can also chew on fennel seeds.
    • Try to snack on carrots, grapes, celery, melons, pears, apples and frozen fruit bars, which prevents dehydration by hydrating the body.
    • Do not drink water with meals, instead drink fluids between meals.
    • Chew a gum.
    • Get gentle and regular exercise.
    • Snack on home made ginger snap cookies.
    • Do not eat greasy foods.
    • You can also suck on frozen popsicles, especially the lemonade.
    • Lie still with your eyes closed completely.
    • Do not brush the teeth immediately after having your meals.
    • Try lemonades, tart flavours, sour pickles, etc.
    • Try to get plenty of fresh air by opening the windows as breathing in fresh air can reduce morning sickness.
    • Increase the intake of vitamin B6.
    • Change the iron supplement if it is causing nausea.
    • Sip a carbonated drink.
    • Take vitamins in the later part of the day.

    These are some of the top natural remedies for morning sickness. So, follow these simple remedies to cure yourself from nausea and vomiting. However, if nausea and vomiting does not reduce then you can consult a health care professional for further treatment. Take care of yourself and do not neglect if you suffer severe vomiting as it can further worsen your condition. So, eat healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle for a healthy pregnancy.


    Relationships During Pregnancy – Tips to Resolve Relationship Problems

    There are many marital problems during pregnancy. These occur as a result of lack of understanding between the couples. Sometimes even the best of marriages can become stressful in pregnancy. The mother especially, has hormonal imbalances that can cause her to become over-emotional, sad and hard to get along with. But the good news is that resolving problems in relationships during pregnancy can make you feel much better and happy. This way you can have a stress free, happy and healthy pregnancy.

    Tips to Resolve Problems in Relationship During Pregnancy
    Here are some of the common problems that you need to resolve during pregnancy:

    Resolve Intimacy Problems
    As pregnancy is both frustrating and exciting, you need to have lots of patience and commitment to resolve these issues. Many of the problems will work naturally but you will surely need some time to get back to the track.

    Resolving prenatal depression
    To resolve this problem, all you have to do as the father is, you need to pamper your wife and give her an opportunity to vent her feelings out. There is no magic to resolve this problem quickly and without any pain. It is impossible to control the hormonal changes but keep an open mind and have lots of patience. Keep communicating with your wife and give her your shoulder to cry whenever she becomes over-emotional. This problem reduces by the third month as the baby grows.

    Resolve Intimacy Problems
    As a husband you need to pamper and remind her how beautiful she is because of the oodles of weight gain, she may start thinking that she is ugly. You should show equal happiness by getting closer to her and talking to the baby. The other problem is sexual intimacy that both of them can be afraid because they fear of harming the baby. You can consult your doctor and speak about these concerns during pregnancy.

    Resolving the “Lime-light effect”
    Many of the would be fathers feel alone or disconnected or have a feeling of left out due to the attention that their wives get during pregnancy. When the attention diverts to the mother, there are chances that the father might feel jealous. It is very much important to include the father in all the antenatal visits to the doctor especially, when an ultrasound is taken. These are some of the momentous occasion, which occurs very rarely. Include the husband during the baby showers and make him open some of the gifts. Sometimes few fathers would not want to be a part but, you should show that you want him to be a part of it. You should remind him that both of you are going to be the proud parents of the unborn baby.

    Resolving lack of communication
    This can be the hardest or the easiest of the problems to resolve and it depends upon the communication gap that has grown between the both of you. It also depends on how well you both communicated before pregnancy. You need to share all the feelings of panic, stress, fear and all the insecurities during this phase because holding them will make the matters worse. Sometimes you can see that both are stressed about the same problems. Stress is harmful to the unborn baby and so, be honest and open where communication can resolve the conflicts.

    Resolving financial burdens
    This can be the most common problem that every couple face during pregnancy. Raising a child can be an enormous responsibility and there are many costs related to rearing a child. You have many years to save up money for the child. You can also apply to the government funded agencies who offer many things for the new parents. Start a savings plan and you will surely be amazed to find the amount that you have saved during your years.

    These are some of the ways to resolve your problems that occur in relationships during pregnancy. Follow these simple tips and have a healthy and happy pregnancy.