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Tips for Teenage Mothers

Teenage pregnancy is very common as according to the Guttmacher Institute, around 750,000 women who were under the age of 20 were pregnant in the year 2006. Teenage mothers face challenges that are beyond the normal pressure of teenage years. According to the Mayo Clinic, some of the risks related to teen pregnancy are domestic abuse and poverty that are related to teen pregnancy. It also increases the risk of preterm labor and other problems like anemia, low birth weight of the baby and high blood pressure. So, here are some of the tips for teenage mothers.

Tips for Teenage Mothers
Here are some of the important tips to be followed for teen mothers:

  • Create a Plan
    An unplanned teen pregnancy can create changes and confusion in your future plans. All you can do is to take charge of the situation and face the reality by considering all the options. Teen moms can put the baby for adoption or raise the baby as well. You need to do a thorough research before you rush into conclusions. Never allow others to force their decisions towards you and especially, if you do not like the option they suggest. You must think and plan to continue your education for a stable future.
  • Seek Assistance
    You can even take the required assistance from many of the organizations that help teen mothers with everything from prenatal care and education as well. You can start with your own local department of health or the human services for help. Some of the local churches also give services to the teenagers who get pregnant. You can even opt for counselling services that deal the entire process. You may get affected emotionally and so, consult a therapist to help you come out of the emotional process.
  • Get Proper Prenatal Care
    There are many complications related to teen pregnancy and routine prenatal appointments make the health care providers to check the baby’s progress and if there are any problems then they can diagnose them. This can help in managing the complications easily before things get worse. You need to take good care of yourself especially, if you are an expectant teen mother. Some of the things that you must take care is proper nutrition, exercises and prenatal vitamins as these increase the chances of a healthy baby.
  • Take Classes
    Teen mothers can be prepared by parenting and childbirth classes as this helps them prepare for the challenges that they face. Childbirth classes teaches them about the labor process and the basic methods to care for the baby. Parenting classes help you to handle baby at various stages. These classes are usually free at the hospitals and at the birthing facilities.
  • Accept Help
    You need to accept help from family, parents and friends as well. It eases the struggle of being a teenager. You also need a break from the routine caring for your baby and so, your parents can help you out a bit. This can refresh you and allows you to be a better parent.

These are some of the effective tips for teenage mothers.


Top 8 Benefits of Water Births

Most of the pregnant women are seeking options to give birth in water and one of the benefits of water births include pain relief and decreased tearing of the vagina. In the past, women were told avoid tub baths during labor or not to take bath in the late pregnancy to avoid water breaks. But, today the benefits of water births are a known fact to many women. Read on to know some of the advantages of water births.

Top Water Birth Benefits
Here are some of the advantages of water births:

  • Pain relief is the main advantage and some of them have even compared water birth to the relaxing effects of narcotics. Water blocks the pain impulses of the nerves in the body. It produces pain relieving endorphins.
  • Water aids in relaxation and relaxation plays a vital role for the progress of labor.Relaxing through the contractions is much effective.
  • Water reduces the gravitational pull of the baby towards the back of the mother. Thereby, reducing the back pain during labor.
  • It is even observed that tearing of the vagina is also reduced. The water softens the perineal tissues by making them supple and stretchable to help in accommodating the baby’s head through. This means that you may not even need an episiotomy that is the cut given in the vagina for the easy passage of the baby.
  • It also reduces the abdominal pressure because as the baby moves through the pelvis, this movement increases the pressure. But the natural buoyancy occurs being in the water. This helps in relieving pressure.
  • It also reduces the amount of anxiety and stress that you have and gives you confidence in giving birth.
  • Water birth can be combined with other forms of pain relief by including massage, gas, aromatherapy and acupressure.
  • The pool is a quiet and peaceful place, which give you a feeling of safety and security while labor.

These are some of the benefits of water births.


A Mom’s Guide to Baby Tears

Considering a Baby cry and tears in his eyes makes the mother uncomfortable, sometimes annoying and irritable. But the environment changes when the mother devotes herself towards the finding of reason which makes the baby cry. We have found some of the reasons why the babies cry and what are the solutions of these problems [...]

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Baby Development Milestones

Natural Remedies for Stuffy Nose During Pregnancy

The immune system of a pregnant woman tends to be weaker than a woman who is not pregnant. This makes her more prone to catch a cold. Stuffy nose during pregnancy due to cold is another common problem. Cold is caused mainly when she is not eating a balanced diet or taking steps to boost immune system. Pregnant women must be careful and consult a doctor before you take over the counter medicines like cough medicines, nasal decongestants and antihistamines. These can have very serious effects on the baby’s development. So, here are some of the natural remedies for stuffy nose during pregnancy.

Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion in Pregnancy
Stuffy nose is a very common sign of cold, which can block the nasal passages. There are many natural ways that can be done at home to unblock the nasal congestion. Here are some of the simple and effective home remedies:

  • Keep sniffing an onion as it helps to a very great extent.
  • Any spicy and hot liquid can make a stuffed nose runny. You can have some hot chicken soup or a hot tea with lemon or you can just drink plain hot water. These are excellent decongestants.
  • Keep sniffing karvol drops by putting some drops on a tissue.
  • Take a steam by breathing the steam from a hot shower, which is the easiest way to clear the stuffy feeling.
  • You can also take steam inhalations by using water or with few drops of karvol, which can be added to water.
  • You can use nasal decongestant sprays as they are very effective but, temporary. Use them rarely.
  • Vitamin C is another way to bring relief to a congested nose. Do not take more than 500 mg without a doctors approval.
  • Zinc is another supplement that can improve congested nasal passages.
  • Exercises like brisk walking is another useful thing as it stimulates proper breathing and improves the blood circulation. This is the most natural decongestants for stuffy nose.

These were some of the simple and the most effective natural remedies for stuffy nose during pregnancy.


Causes of Bad Taste in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most wonderful phase in a woman’s life, which brings along happiness and joy with many changes that are unexpected in a woman’s body. There are many problems from food cravings, mood swings, nausea and cramping. One of the problems that women face is bad taste in pregnancy. There are many causes for this problem. Most of the symptoms in pregnancy are unpleasant and are normal that occurs to all the women. You need not worry about these normal changes as it is not a major health concern. However, it can be quite displeasing, so read on to know some of the causes of bad taste in pregnancy.

Causes of Bad Taste in the Mouth During Pregnancy
It is also called dysgeusia, where you may suffer from a very bitter or bad taste in the mouth, which can be annoying and unpleasant as well. This is one of the worst side effect of any normal pregnancy. Though the exact cause for bad taste in mouth is not known, there are many certain theories that surround the reasons why they experience an unpleasant, lasting, bitter, acidic and sour taste in the mouth during pregnancy. Here are some of the causes:

  • The culprit behind this bad taste is mainly due to the hormonal changes that affects a woman’s sense of smell and taste as well.
  • There is an increase in the estrogen production, which is regarded as the cause for bad taste, which can occur while eating or even during the day.
  • Sometimes, there is a fluctuation in the levels of estrogen hormone and this differences in the hormonal level governs the sense of smell and taste as well. This results in the bitter taste.
  • Other causes for this bitter taste is certain prenatal vitamins, antibiotics during pregnancy and hormonal pills. These are the other causes for this sour or bitter taste in the mouth during pregnancy.

These are some of the causes of bad taste in pregnancy and therefore, you need not worry of this change as it is a normal phase in your pregnancy.


Treatment for Bad Taste in Pregnancy

Pregnancy causes many changes in every system and there is an increase in the hormones progesterone and oestrogen as well. These changes play a major role in the taste buds by giving you a bad taste in pregnancy. This can even lead to bad breath during pregnancy. There are many ways of treatment for bad taste in pregnancy. Read on to know some of the simple but effective methods to treat this bitter or sour taste in the mouth during pregnancy.

Treatment for Bitter Taste in Pregnancy
Here are some of the effective methods in treating bad taste in pregnancy:

  • You can brush your teeth with a toothpaste that contains mint as it alleviates the bad taste from the mouth.
  • You can even gargle your mouth with diluted baking soda solutions and water as well. Prepare the mixture by mixing 1/4th tablespoon of baking soda with a cup of water. This can help in the control of the bitter taste as it neutralizes the pH inside the mouth.
  • You can even suck or chew mint flavored gums that can help to remove the bitter or sour taste.
  • The intake of lemonades, citrus fruits and juices helps in banishing the metallic taste from the mouth. These citrus fruits neutralizes this bad taste. This even increases the production of saliva in the mouth.
  • You can even marinate foods in vinegar to get rid of that bitter or sour taste.
  • Drink lots of water as this keeps your body well hydrated and flushes out the toxins from the body. This would also reduce the bad taste in the mouth.

These are some of the ways of treating bad taste in pregnancy. Even after following these remedies, if the bad taste does not vanish then consult your health care provider to diagnose the cause and to treat you accordingly.



This exercise will have you playing taxi with your toddler.
Toddler Activities from

HPP on KQED Radio

Tune in to hear HPP outreach case manager Carrie Hamilton in her KQED Radio “Perspectives” spotlight. In her piece titled Homeless No More, Carrie shares how HPP saved her from a life of addiction and homelessness.

Homeless No More

By Carrie Hamilton

Eight years ago, I told my daughter what to tell her preschool teachers if they asked where she and her mommy lived. “We’re city camping,” I instructed.

We lived in my minivan then. We had no family support or health care, mainly because I had been addicted to drugs for years. The only time I sobered up was when I was pregnant with my daughter.

After a few years of this, we moved out of the van and into an SRO hotel. I was still doing drugs. But another pregnancy was a reality check, as it can be for many addicted, homeless women. I’d been raised around addicts and made bad decisions. But pregnancy meant I was making bad decisions for someone else.

I got us into a family shelter and quit drugs. The shelter connected me to a local nonprofit where a case manager taught me about prenatal health and helped me make sure my son-to-be was as healthy and beautiful as any other.

Nancy helped me find housing and inspired me to apply for job training that led to a position doing community outreach. More than programs and jobs, though, Nancy gave me resolve and strength to stay in recovery and find purpose for myself and my family.

Now, I help other homeless mothers. They are living on the streets all over the Bay Area, but now, it’s even harder for them to get on their feet because programs like the one that saved me are government-supported.

Social services are first on the budget chopping block. It may just be a line on a list for policymakers and voters, but for a homeless mom, it’s a bed for her family or the help she needs. For a newborn baby, it’s the way out of the cycle of homelessness and addiction.

My daughter is 12 now. She loves sports and dance, and I encourage her to follow whatever her passion will be.

Behind the balance sheets and politics of government spending are the lives of real people. People who need help to be independent and construct lives of purpose and meaning, people like me and many others who ought not be forgotten.

With a Perspective, I’m Carrie Hamilton.

Homeless Prenatal Program

Teenage pregnancy health risks

Teenage pregnancy is always considered unsafe for the mother and the baby as well. There are many teenage pregnancy health risks, which can cause problems for the teenage mother. The only way to prevent these risks is by preventing teenage pregnancies. Here are some of the dangerous teenage pregnancy health risks.

Health Risks Related to Teenage Pregnancy
Here is a list teenage pregnancy risks:

  • The first problem is that teenage mothers are less likely to gain the required weight in their pregnancy. This leads to low birth weight and high infant mortality rates. They can suffer from complications like respiratory distress, bleeding in the brain and intestinal problems.
  • Teenage pregnant mothers have a greater rate of poor eating habits and are less likely to take the required dose of prenatal vitamins. This can cause health problems to the unborn baby. Teens are even more inclined to smoking, drinking alcohol, take drugs that can cause problems for the baby.

Children Born to Teenage Mothers
Apart from the health risks to the mother, even children born to teenage mothers have greater chances to suffer from emotional and social problems. Some of the problems are:

  • Children who are born to teenage mothers receive less nutrition.
  • They even do not get the required health care, do not get social and cognitive stimulation.
  • Those children born to teenage mothers are at a greater risk for neglect and abuse.
  • Nearly 13% of the chance for boys born to teenage mothers is incarcerated in their later part of their life.
  • Girls born to teenage mothers have 22% greater chances of becoming teenage mothers themselves.

These are some of the teenage pregnancy health risks. These can be avoided by preventing teenage pregnancy as a whole. Take the required precautions to avoid teenage pregnancy.


Helping a New born to become a Smarter Adult

This idea of making your new born a smarter adult should come in the mind of parents when they first see that their baby is touching something that is attracting him or like he is smiling at you when you start talking to him. These changes occur with the change in environment of the baby. [...]

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