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Felt Storyboards

Foster your child’s creativity with this arts and crafts activity.
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Thank You to Buggy Bubbles Detail Shop


Pictured left to right: Chad Christensen (SFSmiles Founder), Tamara Will (HPP intern), Martha Ryan (HPP Founder), Jamie Mamikunian (Buggy Bubbles Detail Shop Founder), Sharon Bechtol (HPP Volunteer Coordinator), and Troy Arnold (HPP Development Director)

Thank you so much to the fantastic Buggy Bubbles Detail Shop for their efforts in coordinating over a dozen strollers, car seats, baby blankets and clothing to be donated to our families in need. Founded by husband and wife duo Jamie and Vahe Mamikunian, the Buggy Bubbles Detail Shop has been making strollers sparkle since 2006. Serving the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, the shop specializes in cleaning, detailing, and repairing used strollers and car seats. Thank you for helping HPP families get moving in safe style!

Homeless Prenatal Program

HPP Featured in People Magazine!

People magazine has spotlighted Founder & Executive Director Martha Ryan and HPP in the April 18th issue’s “Heroes Among Us” feature!

Click here to read the article.

Homeless Prenatal Program

Closing A Credit Card May Hurt Your Credit Score

Closing a credit card may sound like a good idea to get your finances in order. It may in up hurting you more than helping you in the long run.

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Watch Our Video from The James Irvine Foundation

Congratulations to HPP Founder and Executive Director Martha Ryan, who was chosen to be a recipient of the prestigious 2011 James Irvine Foundation Leadership Award. In recognition of her work to advance effective and innovative solutions to critical issues facing California, Martha received 5,000 to be contributed to HPP, plus additional resources to share proven approaches with policymakers and practitioners in the field. She joined four other Leadership Award recipients on March 3 at a luncheon in Sacramento with elected and appointed state officials (scroll down for event photos).

The James Irvine Foundation is a private, nonprofit grantmaking foundation dedicated to expanding opportunity for the people of California to participate in a vibrant, successful and inclusive society. The Foundation’s grantmaking focuses on three program areas:  Arts, California Democracy and Youth. Since 1937, the Foundation has provided over billion in grants to more than 3,000 nonprofit organizations throughout California. With .5 billion in assets, the Foundation made grants of million in 2010 for the people of California.

Watch the video below to learn more about HPP’s work to end childhood poverty and homelessness for thousands of families:

Snapshots in Action







2011 James Irvine Foundation Leadership Award recipients with Foundation President & CEO James Canales (Left to right: James Canales, Martha Ryan, Tim Carpenter of EngAGE, Dori Rose Inda of Agricultural Workers' Access to Health Project, Dr. Steven Pantilat of UCSF Palliative Care Program, Dr. Judith Broder of The Soldiers Project)






The award recipients (middle) receive a round of applause from elected officials on the California Assembly floor.






The award recipients with their California State Assembly proclamation certificates recognizing their innovative work benefiting the people of California.






Q&A session during the luncheon with The James Irvine Foundation President & CEO James Canales and award recipients






Martha Ryan (left) with State Senator Carol Liu (right), who presented Martha and HPP's work at the luncheon






Pictured left to right: Martha Ryan, Mildred Crear (HPP Board Member), Pamela Wilson (HPP Friend & Supporter), and Sam Cobbs (Executive Director, First Place for Youth)


Watch Assembly member Luis A. Alejo’s special recognition of the award recipients on the California Assembly floor:

Homeless Prenatal Program

Many Benefits Of A Safety Reflective Vest

Each time individual goes to their job each day, they already know the office is going to be a risk-free location to be within. This is when an individual should recognize not everyone has the advantages of an office building job and may sometimes be working hard outside in traffic or any other locations which might be very dangerous. However, these types of worries could be somewhat alleviated if the person knows several of the benefits associated with being dressed in a safety reflective vests. Three of the benefits of wearing this sort of item would be the increased visibility of men and women to notice the individual, the point that most companies require this type of item to be used, and even knowing these could give a reference point for other workers to see them.

Visibility Is Crucial

Visibility is very important to have for many. While they are dressed in the reflective construction safety vests it’s going to easily improve how fast many people are able to see them, yet it will likely enable them to know the individuals cannot use the justification of being unable to see them when they were driving a vehicle. Not having these on, though, it is rather easy for individuals to not be noticed because of the type of clothing they are dressed in when they head off to work each day.

Safety Codes Exist For A Reason

Most companies anymore require the reflective safety vest to be used all of the time if the individual is working on the job site. This might not exactly appear like it is going to possess much of an affect on the staff member, nevertheless the individual must know without this it might be placing the business within violation of safety codes. Than the individual in addition to the business might face many fees and this can easily be enough to force the person out of his or her work, but additionally to force the business to close its doors depending on exactly how severe the charges happen to be.

Awareness Of Other Staff

Being aware of where the other staff are is quite necessary details for many people to know about. When the individual knows where the other employees are at, it may be easy to find the proper sort of help required should an injury take place. Without having these extremely colorful reflective safety vest it can be tough for the person to seek out any sort of help should the individual become wounded when working hard and even tougher find other staff should any sort of accident happen when they are working on the job site.

Ammonia smelling discharge

Ammonia smelling discharge occurs mainly due to two conditions i.e. due to concentrated urine or bacterial vaginosis. It not a serious condition, but needs immediate intervention. Foul smelling discharges can be embarrassing and it does create some amount of stress. This does not occur always due to poor personal hygiene. During pregnancy, it is common to have a mild, thin, and milky vaginal discharge, which is quite normal. It is considered abnormal when the odor changes and becomes a matter of concern. So, read onto know some of the causes of ammonia smelling discharge.

Causes of Ammonia Smelling Vaginal Discharges

  • Bacterial Vaginosis: This is the most commonly occurring infection that plagues the female reproductive system. If there is an imbalance in the good bacteria present in the vagina, then the growth of bad bacteria occurs. The bad bacteria takes over and converts the nitrogen compounds into ammonia. This is the reason for the ammonia odor.
  • Diet: Diet is another factor that results in ammonia discharges. Foods like asparagus are known as the cause for ammonia odor in the vagina. Those people who eat a lot of pungent and spicy foods are also affected by this foul smelling discharges. Some of the other foods that can cause a foul odor are eggs, pungent vegetables, seafood, and liver.
  • Washing Panties with Bleach: People who wash their underwear using a bleach can also suffer from this problem. The genital area contains sweat glands that produce sweat, which combines with bleach and gives rise to an ammonia odor.
  • Urinary Tract Infections: Infections of the urinary tract can also be the other reasons for ammonia odor.
  • Parasitic Invasions: Invasion of some parasites are the other causes for a foul smelling odor.

These are some of the causes of ammonia smelling discharges, which is really embarrassing. All you can do is consult your doctor for further treatment. However, when you visit a doctor, do not use scent to curb the foul smell. This can hinder the doctor from knowing the exact reason. You can just wash and clean the vaginal area before consulting your doctor.


Gene Diet: Feeding Your Genes to Keep Yourself Healthy

Researchers have discovered that certain foods cause genes responsible for certain diseases to become agitated while other foods keep your genes healthy.

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Green Discharge During Pregnancy

Vaginal discharges during the phase pregnancy is quite common. In fact, you would experience excess of vaginal discharge during pregnancy. However, the most important thing is to notice the discharges and identify whether it as a normal one or an abnormal one like that which occurs during an yeast infection. If you observe green discharge during pregnancy or a frothy, yellow colored or red colored discharges, then you must understand the very fact that there is a bacterial, fungal or yeast infection in your vagina.

The most important thing is to treat this condition effectively as it can cause complications to your normal pregnancy. Some of the complications are that it can cause a premature delivery, which occurs when the amniotic sac is ruptured before the delivery time. Some of the other signs are a plug of mucus discharge along with the irritation and itching in the genital areas. This is the most embarrassing situation, where the itching is severe. So, green discharges during pregnancy is not normal and you have to consult a doctor for further treatment. So, here are some of the ways to prevent such infections.

Pregnancy and Green Vaginal Discharges – Tips to Prevent!
Do not self-medicate to treat any type of vaginal conditions. Consult a doctor for proper treatment. Here are some of the things that you can do to prevent this infection:

  • Avoid using synthetic and tight underwear.
  • Stay away from tampons and douches.
  • Drink cranberry juice as it helps in fighting the infection and reduces the itchy feeling.
  • Make sure that you wash yourself properly after urinating and bowel movement. Wipe yourself dry from the front to back.
  • Drink lots of water to remove the toxins that is causing the infection.
  • Do not wear tight clothes, but wear comfortable and loose clothes.
  • Stay away from perfumed or bubble baths.
  • Do not use perfumed toilet papers.
  • Another excellent way is to stay away from dirty public wash rooms. This is done because the bacteria enters the vagina in unhygienic conditions.

These are some of the simple yet effective tips for treating and preventing green discharges during pregnancy. However, you must consult your gynaecologist for the right treatment to this vaginal infection. Therefore, the moment you experience the initial signs of an infection like excessive discharges with mild odor, make sure that you visit your doctor without any delay. This in turn gives you a healthy pregnancy.


No Nonsense Muscle Creating By Vince Del Monte – Is It Any Very good?

The large bodyweight damage sector in America disguises the reality that there are numerous, many men and women attempting to gain weight and muscle. But for these tough-gainers, gaining muscle mass and gaining bodyweight is in no way effortless. No issue how challenging they perform out, no matter how considerably they consume, the outcomes they assume just really don’t arrive. But a amount of products claim to be ready to break down the barriers keeping these difficult-gainers again. Vince Del Monte’s fitness system purports to accomplish real muscle mass and fat achieve without any of the risky, gimmicky dietary supplements, powders and drugs. This assessment of Vince Del monte’s fitness software issues its statements.

Presentation: The Vince Del Monte fitness program arrives as a 10 part video assortment, supplying coaching guidance and workout applications that will improve the performance and usefulness of your gymnasium periods. Gaining muscle and gaining bodyweight demands a strict plan that maximizes time in the gym and function effort. These 10 movies really do supply some excellent workout suggestions, and Vince is an articulate and intelligent instructor.

Total Score: If I ended up rating the Vince Del Monte Fitness program on a ten point scale, I would give it an eight. It is not as specialist as some other exercise plans, but it lives up to its claims and definitely to its value. Now, I’m not making an attempt to trick you into obtaining this system. Do not be underneath the illusion that by acquiring this plan you are going to just start off packing on huge bodyweight and huge muscle mass gains. You will not. It will require operating hard, locating what displays results and refining the workout plan to your personal desire. Bu then once more, what software doesn’t call for this. General, the Vince Del Monte Fitness program is well worth checking out, and undoubtedly value making an attempt. The man surely has faith in his merchandise, and I was delighted with my encounter of the item. If you have the cash, you can verify out a a lot more high-priced plan, but why bother?

The No Nonsense Muscle Creating software by Vince Del Monte is almost certainly 1 of the most common muscle mass-building applications on the industry in these days. In this review we will just take a appear at this program, learn what you will discover within and speak about the pros and cons of this products.

What Specifically Is It?

Manufactured by Vince Del Monte, a personal coach, diet specialist and aggressive fitness product, the No Nonsense Muscle mass Creating products is a selection of distinct guides and instruments that ended up produced to aid the user obtain muscle mass mass in quickly, organic and protected way.

In his system Vince Del Monte tries to cover the complete spectrum of muscle-constructing and in quick right here are the primary elements of the No Nonsense software:

The Pros And Cons

The Pros

Extremely Extensive Program For Extended Long lasting Results

Vince Del Monte’s No Nonsense Muscle Constructing merchandise is a quite huge selection of workout and fitness materials that any muscle mass builder need to have.

The very good issue about this item is the reality that it really is immediate to the position and the strategies referred to inside this plan are all all-natural approaches that gives the consumer prolonged enduring results.

The Program’s Personal Member Zone

1 issue that most of the folks concur is that no guide or plan is strong enough by yourself with out a community of supporting folks that will keep you determined and accountable to your ambitions.
Vince Del Monte discovered it from his individual expertise and designed the No Nonsense Non-public Member Zone.

When purchasing the comprehensive system you will get totally free life time obtain to the member zone, where you can chat with others, access a total area on fitness and diet, produce a instruction journal, post photos to get feedback from other people and all the other points that will help you to obtain your goals.

Encourages Healthy Diet program With Tasty Meal Programs

1 essential factor about Vince Del Monte’s item is that his program encourages healthful diet and there is no need to starve your self or one thing like that.

Vince talks a good deal about the importance of nutrition in his software and this is the major explanation that he involves five distinctive 84 day meal ideas that you can choose from to make your personal wholesome and scrumptious meals each day.

60 Days Of Entire Dollars Back Assure

The No Nonsense Muscle mass Creating software arrives with entire dollars back again assure for sixty days and if for any explanation you are not completely happy, you can get your dollars back.

The Cons

A Minor Disorganized At times

In some locations the No Nonsense Muscle Constructing principal Ebook looks to be a tiny disorganized and I consider that Vince Del Monte can make some small changes that will make his major E book less complicated to stick to.

It’s Not For Absolutely everyone

1 issue you must know about the No Nonsense system is that it’s undoubtedly not an straightforward instruction program.

For most of the individuals who are about 30 a long time aged or reduce there shouldn’t be any situation with Vince Del Monte’s teaching program, even so for older folks and individuals of us who are sensitive to more than teaching the plan could be as well challenging.

I won’t say that this software is not for people individuals, but if this is your scenario you will need to have to be truthful and to ask by yourself if this software will be the very best option for you or not.

Can Be Discovered Only On-line

The No Nonsense Muscle mass Creating product is available only online, there is no in-keep option.

The Bottom Line

All round, there is no doubt that the No Nonsense system by Vince Del Monte is one particular of the most comprehensive muscle mass-developing applications obtainable today.

The volume of material within this program is quite impressive and truly addresses every thing you need to have to achieve your goals in excellent depth.

Obtaining in form requires a great deal of perform and dedication on your element and if you are diagnosed with laziness and inconsistency then this muscle-building software is not for you.

I Wish that this assessment on No Nonsense Muscle Developing by Vince Del Monte was valuable for you, all the greatest! Uncover where you can obtain the best evaluate for Business-like Muscle mass building fitness program by visiting and seeing more reviews at digital reviews.