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Homeless Prenatal Program

Having a CT Scan? What to Expect During Computed Tomography

CT or CAT scanners produce detailed pictures of both bones and soft tissues using multiple X-ray beams.

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Non-Residential Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment Center

The intensive outpatient drug program is designed to aid individuals in their recovery in regards to drug addiction. Many people know all about residential drug facilities but know nothing about outpatient drug treatment. It is a good idea to understand both because one type of treatment might be more appropriate for an individual than the other. However, both treatments are meant to help people get sober, stay sober and live a better life.


Probably the biggest difference between the two treatments is that in residential treatment programs, patients are required to live on site and are not allowed to leave while in outpatient programs, they are can leave each day when it is over. Both are still very effective treatments because they both offer assistance through detoxing and counseling. One just lets people have more freedom than the other and some people cannot handle that while trying to recover. Some people need more structure than others.


For some reason, people believe that residential programs are more effective than outpatient programs. That is not the case because they both help people get on the right track and stay sober. The approaches are different but success is enjoyed in both methods.

Communicate Feelings

Outpatient programs give individuals a chance to safely talk about their addiction in a comfortable environment. They usually feel safe discussing this topic in front of everyone because everyone has similar problems. With this, they are able to talk about things that they might not get to share with other people.

The First Step

And they are able to build strong bonds through this type of discussion while they use these bonds to aid in their recovery. They have people to depend on and trust as a result of these sessions and this is a very important part of a successful recovery.

Time and Dedication

This treatment requires a little bit of time and dedication but as long as people are willing to work hard, it can lead the way to successful recovery. It can take up to thirty days for a person obtain sobriety and they need to be at every meeting and really stay committed.


This kind of drug detoxification program allows for a bit more freedom than the other so people must take a bit more responsibility for they own recovery. They are still allowed to go to work and do other things during the day but in the morning or in the afternoon, they have to make sure that they are in the meetings. It is up to them concerning how fast they recover.

The Superb Pantheon

Rome, Italy is a city full of history and culture, everywhere you turn around there is beauty and architecture to be seen. One of these epic structures is the Pantheon. The Pantheon, which translates as “all gods” was an ancient temple built to honor all the gods. It still stands in Rome today and is a top site to see when visiting Rome. To view the magnificent Pantheon, you should apply for a new U.S. passport and plan your journey to the ancient city.


Passports are necessary travel documents. They allow travel between countries. Anyone who wishes to travel out of the country must have a passport. Getting a passport used to be difficult, now with online services and technology it’s much easier. Obtaining all the proper documentation is necessary before applying for a passport. You can also enlist the services of a passport agency to help you get your American child passports on time.


The Pantheon of Rome was between 27 B.C.E. and 25 B.C.E. it was built in honor of the victory over Antony and Cleopatra who were defeated by Actium. The original Pantheon burned down around 80 C.E. It was then restored in 125 C.E. by the emperor Hadrian. It was built as a fully functional temple to the pagan gods of Rome. It maintained its function for over two centuries.


The configuration of the Pantheon was very unique for it’s time. It was constructed as a round building with a window in the center of the ceiling. This center, also known as an oculus was the only place where light entered. This was also the only point in which smoke from animal sacrifices to the deities travelled through.


When Rome was taken over by Christianity the Pantheon was then abandoned. While Christianity ruled it was illegal for any public pagan worship to go on. Later there was a decree that stated all buildings have a purpose. Eventually the Pantheon because a consecrated Christian church. It was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and the host of martyrs and saints in the Catholic Church. It was called the Church of Santa Maria Ad Martyers.


The Pantheon has gone through many changes from it’s functionality to its structure. It was looted numerous times and even stripped of its goods, like Bronze. Michelangelo in the 16th century studied the Pantheon for inspiration, this lead to the dome of St. Peter featured at the Vatican. The Dome is only two feet smaller in comparison to the Pantheon.


Now the Pantheon is a historic site to see, it was designated as a World Heritage Site in 1980. It has been the inspiration for many buildings today. These buildings include the British Museum Reading Room, The Tomas Jefferson Rotunda at the University of Virginia, The Low Library at Columbia University and the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia.

Braxton Hicks Contractions – Is it a Sign of True Labor?

Braxton Hicks Contractions

are the false contractions that occur before the true labor occurs. It was named after an English doctor, John Braxton Hicks, in 1872. You feel that they are the real contractions, but then they are not. It is sometimes confusing and most women mistake it for the real contractions. So, all the pregnant women must know the differences between the real and

Braxton hicks contractions.

This article mainly gives you more about Braxton contractions. So, read on….

These contractions begin at an early stage i.e. in the second trimester. However, it is very common during the third trimester. It occurs when the uterus tightens for about sixty minutes. They are called

“Practice Contractions”

as they prepare you for the real thing. When your labor day is nearing, you can also start taking childbirth classes. Here are some of the characteristics of these false contractions:

  • Firstly, they are infrequent and irregular in intensity.
  • They are unpredictable and non-rhythmic.
  • They are uncomfortable than painful. However, very few women have painful contractions.
  • They do not increase in both frequency and intensity.
  • They taper off and disappear suddenly.

Braxton Contractions – What are the Causes?

Here are some of the causes of these false contractions:

  • Excessive physical activity
  • Dehydration
  • Sexual intercourse
  • Baby moving inside the uterus
  • Touching your abdomen
  • If your bladder is full
  • If someone touches your belly
  • If your baby is overactive in the womb

Braxton’s Contraction – Tips for alleviating Pain!

Here are some of the ways you can alleviate these false contractions:

  • All you can do is drink a cup of warm tea or milk.
  • Change your position; if you have been walking or standing for a long time then it is better you lie down.
  • Take a warm bath for not less than 30 minutes.
  • Avoid the intake of caffeine.
  • Drink plenty of water as dehydration can result in muscle spasms, which can lead to contractions.
  • Practice breathing exercises as rhythmic breathing can alleviate the discomfort.
  • Urinate when required as a full bladder can also cause false contractions.

Even after doing these if you are not able to alleviate the contractions, then you must contact a health care provider.

What is the Difference Between True Labor and Braxton’s Contraction?

Now you might be thinking or worrying on how to detect the difference between a Braxton’s contraction and the real one. These signs of false labor cause many women to worry about the real signs of labor. Here are some of the things that you must know:Braxton Hicks Contractions – Is it a Sign of True Labor?

  • Firstly, check out the due date to figure out when to expect your baby and to watch for the real contractions!
  • Unlike real contractions, these do not increase in the frequency and intensity.
  • Labor pains increase in frequency, which occurs close together, as they eventually go away on their own.
  • It tends to be irregular with no proper pattern, whereas the real labor pains have a definite pattern.
  • They are not as painful as the real pains.

These are some of the important differences between Braxton’s contractions and the false ones.

When Should you Consult a doctor or Midwife?

Call your caregiver immediately if you have not reached 37 weeks and if your contractions are becoming more rhythmic, painful, or frequent. Here are some of the signs for you to watch out:

  • Any vaginal bleeding or spotting.
  • Pain in the abdomen.
  • Menstrual like cramps.
  • If you have more than four to five contractions in an hour.
  • Increase in the vaginal discharge or even the type of discharge.
  • If the discharge is, bloody, mucous, or even watery.
  • An increase in the pelvic pressure, where you may have a feeling that your baby is being pushed down due to contractions.
  • Pain in the lower back.

If you are above 37 weeks, then you need not call your doctor or midwife immediately, until they last for more than sixty seconds. But if you are below your 37 weeks, then you must consult your caregiver for further treatment.

I hope that you would remember these points and keep a watch on such

Braxton Hick’s contractions.

This would surely help you to be calm and identify the true signs of labor. So, have a healthy and happy pregnancy!


Making The Fat Burning Furnace Method Work For You

If you are looking for a product to help you shed those last couple of unwanted pounds while developing healthy eating habits, you should consider the Fat Burning Furnace program. This program will help you transform your body into a fat burning machine in a very little amount of time. You probably have some level of skepticism about what this program claims to do. However, if you adhere to the philosophies it teaches you will be dropping weight and gaining muscle in no time. Another good program is called Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle review.


With this exceptional program you are permitted to take in a hefty measure of fat burning foods. These itemized foods will afford your body the energy it desperately needs while helping to curb your hunger throughout the day. This program will fool your body into thinking it is getting lots of food while you begin to lose weight. Also, you will have an increase in energy and do more things than ever before without feeling tired. The foods consumed during this program will help stimulate fat loss hormones right away so you begin to see results.

Increasing Health

When you start to decrease your body fat you will quickly start to feel healthier, have increased energy levels, and look better than ever. You will move easier, breath deeper, and think more clearly after finishing this weight loss program. Your overall odds of getting a disease will reduce as you get closer and closer to your optimal body weight. However, most importantly, you will begin to feel better about yourself as an individual. You will appreciate all of these benefits because of how easy to use this program actually is. This program offers easy to chart steps that come with instructional pictures. All that is necessary for success is to follow these steps religiously.

Workout Regime

This system is unlike any diet regime on the market because it actually works. It helps your body instead of harming it like most diets do. It provides a delicious way of eating that tricks your body into fighting fat as opposed to storing it. It is important to remember that you must be committed to changing your life for this program to be successful. If you do that this program will be extremely effective in helping you see results.

Efficiency Of Program

The main goal of the Fat Burning Furnace program is to help men and women who follow the program to enjoy the best, long-lasting results of their lives. It was developed to allow you to still eat like a normal person without all the demanding restrictions, and without doing hours of tedious workouts. This system will help your body become a more efficient machine and help you feel great. Its simplicity is very attractive to many users because they can easily incorporate the program into their everyday lives.

As with any weight reduction program, however, it is imperative to consult with your doctor before you begin. Fat Burning Furnace is special program that is unlike any other on the market. It is hands down one of the easiest systems to follow and understand. It has brought success to numerous users and can do the exact same for you. It is an incredibly cost-effective solution for weight loss that almost anyone can afford. An alternatively good program is called Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle.

Baby Shower Invitation Tips

Picking out the perfect baby shower invitations is very important. You want to capture the personality of the mother-to-be, as the party will be all about her and her soon to come bundle of joy, of course. Here some things … Continue reading
Baby Development Milestones

Causes of Bad Taste in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most wonderful phase in a woman’s life, which brings along happiness and joy with many changes that are unexpected in a woman’s body. There are many problems from food cravings, mood swings, nausea and cramping. One of the problems that women face is

bad taste in pregnancy.

There are many causes for this problem. Most of the symptoms in pregnancy are unpleasant and are normal that occur to all the women. You need not worry about these normal changes as it is not a major concern. However, it can be quite displeasing, so read on to know some of the causes of

bad taste in pregnancy.

Causes of Bad Taste in the Mouth During Pregnancy

It is also called dysgeusia, where you may suffer from a very bitter or bad taste in the mouth, which can be annoying and unpleasant as well. This is one of the worst side effect of any normal pregnancy. Though the exact cause for bad taste in mouth is not known, there are many theories that surround the reasons why they experience an unpleasant, lasting, bitter, acidic and sour taste in the mouth during pregnancy. Here are some of the causes:Bad Taste in Pregnancy

  • The culprit behind this bad taste is the hormonal changes that affects a woman’s sense of smell and taste as well.
  • There is an increase in the estrogen production, which is regarded as the cause for bad taste. This can occur while eating during any part of the day or night.
  • Sometimes, there is a fluctuation in the levels of progesterone hormone and this difference in the hormonal level governs the sense of smell and taste as well. This results in the bitter taste.
  • Other causes for this bitter taste are certain prenatal vitamins, antibiotics during pregnancy and hormonal pills. These are the other causes for this sour or bitter taste in the mouth during pregnancy.

These are some of the

causes of bad taste in pregnancy.

Therefore, you need not worry because of this change in your taste buds as it is temporary. Take care of your health by eating a balanced diet for a healthy and happy pregnancy!


Ectopic Pregnancy Complications

An ectopic pregnancy is an abnormal pregnancy that occurs outside the uterus. The fetus cannot survive, as it cannot develop outside the uterine cavity. This common thing affects most women. There are few

ectopic pregnancy complications.

The best way to avoid complications is to diagnose this problem as early as possible. If it is not diagnosed on time, then it results in fallopian tube damage. There are even chances for rupture of the fallopian tube. However, the good news is that women who have had an ectopic pregnancy earlier have conceived naturally without any problem. This article mainly deals with some of the Ectopic pregnancy complications. So, read on…
Image of Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic Pregnancy – What are the Complications?

Here are some of the complications for an ectopic pregnancy:

  • Severe Internal Bleeding:

    This occurs because of fallopian tube rupture, which is a dangerous condition. It is a life threatening condition because your blood pressure drops suddenly to dangerously low levels. This can further result in shock and in very few cases, even death occurs.

  • Damage to Fallopian Tubes:

    When an ectopic pregnancy is not being diagnosed on time, it results in the rupture of the fallopian tubes. This can result in the damage of these tubes.

  • Depression:

    Most women who have had an ectopic pregnancy find it very difficult to deal with it or cope with pregnancy loss. You may feel depressed and sad. You may also worry about your chances of having a healthy pregnancy in the future. The only way to cope up is by counseling as it helps the couples to come into terms or cope with the loss of pregnancy. Though it is hard to deal with it, counselors help you come out of the feelings of anger and guilt within you. You can ask your practitioner for counseling as this is the best way to deal with depression.

  • In-vitro Fertilization (IVF):

    However, there is good news for all the women who have had their fallopian tubes removed through IVF. This treatment would surely help you have a baby. In this procedure, the egg and sperm are fertilized outside the womb, usually in a test tube.

The best way to prevent such complications is to take the necessary precautions, even before you conceive. Most forms of ectopic pregnancy cannot be prevented. However, a tubal pregnancy can be prevented in some cases by reducing some of the risk factors like:

  • Avoid some of the risk factors like pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), which occurs when you have multiple sexual partners or have sex without condom.
  • Early diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted disease.
  • Early Treatment of salpingitis and PID.
  • Quit smoking.

These are some of the

ectopic pregnancy complications.


Post-pregnancy Complications

Most people think delivery to be the end of all the pregnancy woes. However, sadly many

post-pregnancy complications

can create a hassle in a new mom’s life. There can be different reasons for such complications, which can be treated. Some complications are not severe, but some are mild. Whatever, you must be careful so that these complications do not get worst. So, all you need to do is to take immediate treatment for any of the below complication. This article deals with some of the

post-pregnancy complications.

So, read on…

Complications After Pregnancy

Here are some of the common complications that occur after pregnancy:

  • Baby Blues:

    This is the most common sign after pregnancy. It is as a short period of depression, which is characterized by irritability and sadness. Baby blues may last for about two weeks and around 80% are affected by post pregnancy. It occurs after all the drama that has taken place post labor and delivery. This is a period of lull, however most women overcome this complication.

  • Postpartum Depression:

    It is usually confusing because most people think that baby blues and postpartum depression are the same. However, the fact is that postpartum depression is a condition that requires attention immediately. It is characterized by intense feelings of uncontrollable crying, depression, disinterest in the newborn child, insomnia, restlessness and extreme mood swings. Postpartum depression cannot be treated just like that, as it needs to be cured by a qualified professional.

  • Postpartum Hemorrhage:

    This happens mostly due to bleeding after delivery. Bleeding can take place because of:

    • Genetic bleeding disorders
    • Multiple births
    • Difficult and extended labor time
    • Fibroids that do not allow uterus to return to the original shape
    • Pieces of the placenta remains back in the uterus
    • Lacerations in the uterus

    If the bleeding is severe then you may need immediate medical attention. However, bleeding may reduce with breastfeeding as it helps in uterine contractions. Uterine massages are helpful in getting rid of postpartum hemorrhage.

  • Episiotomy:

    This complication after pregnancy occurs after a bacterial infection around the perineal tear region and sutured site called the episiotomy. This happens when women do not maintain proper hygienic conditions after a delivery. This infection can be treated with antibiotics, and prevented by proper hygiene and exercise

  • Endometritis:

    This is a common infection of the uterine lining. It mostly happens when pieces of placenta are left inside the uterus after delivery. Most women usually complain of bad smelling vaginal discharge along with fever and lower abdominal pain.

These are some of the post-pregnancy complications.