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Is Sex Addiction A Mental Problem?

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders can best be described as the Bible for psychologists. In it, every single mental disorder recognized by the medical community is detailed and explained. During this year’s revision to the manual the topic of sex addiction came up. After much debate, psychologists decided to leave sex addiction out of the book, essentially saying that it was not a valid psychological disorder. Many people feel this was a poor decision and that sex addiction ruins the lives of many Americans every year, however there is not detox rehab for sex addiction so it is more difficult for those seeking help to get it. .


There are a few different criteria a person must meet before they can be labeled as a hypersexual. The main way to determine if a person is a hypersexual is if they spend a large amount of time being consumed by sexual fantasies and urges. Also, if the person spends a lot of time planning for and engaging in these urges, they might have a sex addiction. One of the last ways you can determine if a person is hypersexual is if they continually engage in their sexual fantasies to combat feelings of depression, anxiety, boredom, or irritability .


When an individual repeatedly engages in risky sexual behavior with complete disregard for their health or emotional well-being, and cannot seem to help themselves from stopping, the debate becomes a little more complicated. Many psychiatrists do not think that sex addiction is a real thing, and that some in the medical community are making it up to sell expensive treatment plans to people who don’t really need them.


While it is very easy to look at the brain of someone who is addicted to heroin or opiates and see that something is wrong. They will display very serious physical symptoms if they do not get the drug they are addicted to and will begin to go through withdrawal. It is unclear if the same can be said for people who claim to have addictions to sex. This is why more research and studies need to be conducted on this topic.


The increasing sexual awareness of our society may have played a role in people thinking that they have developed addictions to sex. For example, television shows and movies portray casual sex much more than they ever did in the past. However, this does fully explain why so many new people are coming forward claiming to be hypersexual. The National Council on Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity defines sexual addiction as “engaging in persistent and escalating patterns of sexual behavior acted out despite increasing negative consequences to self and others.” Basically, a sex addict will continue to take part in certain sexual behaviors despite facing potential health risks, financial problems, shattered relationships or even arrest.

People who have addictions to sex should not be discounted from those who have other psychological disorders. While it’s true that there is a major difference between an addiction to drugs and an addiction to sex, that does not mean that the latter isn’t harmful and destructive to an individual’s life. It is important that anyone who believes they have a sex addiction seek help from a medical counselor so that they can explore treatment options, there may not be a detox-rehab but there is certainly help out there.. Even though sex addiction is not included in the new guide for mental disorders, that should not mean that we ignore the problem all together.

Why You Should Use Sun Control Systems On Your House

There are a number of benefits to adding sun control systems to your home. First, adding exterior venetian blinds to a property will add instant curb appeal to any home. They are stylish and are a great investment in any property. Second, and more importantly, these sunshade systems are a great way to save money every month on your energy bills. It is amazing the amount of sunlight that enters into a home during the summer months, and how much heat is generated by this sunlight. With a new shade system, you will be able to regulate the amount of sunlight beaming into your home, and will be able to save an incredibly amount of money each and every month on utility costs.


You can easily and effectively bring a room to life with these sophisticated louvers as they will give an opulent and vibrant look to a once boring or lifeless area. Adjusting the louvers will alter the penetration of sunlight all the way down to full closure. These wooden louvers provide a distinguished and finished look to any window area in your building. Window Shutters can be incredibly ornate or neutral depending on the style you are trying to achieve.


Not only will you save a lot of money with your new sun shade system, but you will greatly improve the curb appeal of your property. You may be shocked to learn that air conditioners account for nearly half of a typical homes monthly utility bill. However, with a properly installed, quality sun shade system, you can drastically reduce this number. You will be able to save a staggering amount of money each month by outfitting your home with exterior venetian blinds.

Reputable Brand

No matter what type of remodeling you are doing on your home, it is important to only choose a product that is crafted from high quality materials to insure that they will last over time. By choosing a reputable brand of blinds to outfit your home with, you can be confident that you are making a terrific investment in the value of your property, while at the same time cutting down on your energy expenditures. There are many different types of sun shade systems that would work great to improve the look of your home and help cut the cost of your energy bill.

Designed to complement any window size, motorized Venetian louvers are the perfect way to easily and efficiently regulate sunlight into your home or office space. They are beautiful, upscale window shutters with a modern flair. With an elegant louver profile, these fit to any draperies, curtains, or blinds you may have and are an excellent choice for the buyer who wants it all. If you are considering how to lower your energy costs this summer, while at the same time improving the overall look of your home, you would be hard pressed to find a better solution than exterior venetian shades. Installing sun control systems is one of the best and most effective way to lower your monthly energy bills, while also adding to the value of your property.

The Unexplained Bermuda Triangle

Legend has it that, over the years, many ships and planes have mysteriously disappeared while traveling through part of the ocean known as the Bermuda Triangle. The truth of the matter is, many people travel through the Bermuda Triangle every single day on their way to the Bahamas. However, that does not mean that it is any less exciting. You can brag to your friends that you made it through Bermuda Triangle unharmed. If you are going to be traveling to the Bahamas, it is critical to remember that you will need to have a valid United States passport. If you are in need of a passport renewal, you can take care of this issue on the internet with the help of online passport agencies.

Passport Needs

If you are an American citizen and are trying to travel to Mexico, Canada or the Bahamas, you may want to look into getting a passport card. They are easier and faster to get than regular passports. However, you cannot use passport cards to travel overseas. If you are going to be traveling internationally, it is important to remember that you will need to have a valid United States passport with you. You can get a passport quickly and effectively online with the help of internet U S passport agencies.


Also known as the Devil’s Triangle, the Bermuda Triangle has been a source of mystery and intrigue for many years. It is a stretch of water that can be found in the North Atlantic Ocean. Legend has it that many ships and airplanes have lost radio contact while going through the area, and were never heard from again. The Bermuda Triangle is often referenced in pop culture because of its strange history. The reality of the Bermuda Triangle, as research has shown, is that there is nothing supernatural at all about it, though.


One of the earliest documentations of an unusual disappearance was recounted in an article on September 16th 1950, in the Associated Press. The article was written by Edward Van Winkle Jones. Two years after the publication in Associated Press Fate magazine published an article “Sea Mystery at Our Back Door”. This article covered the mysterious loss of planes and ships. The article went on to explain the first description of this phenomenon as the Bermuda triangle. From these first articles, many books, and theories emerged claiming to explain the unusual phenomenon surrounding the Bermuda Triangle.


Theories suggest that the psychic Edgar Cayce’s prediction that Atlantis would be discovered in 1968 correlates with the founding of the Bimini Road. However, many geologists believe the Bimini Road to be a natural formation though. Other theorists’ attribute the loss of planes and ships to UFO events, there are many explanations out there by conspiracy theorists that center around paranormal happenings. However there are also many scientific ones as well.


Although many believe there is a magnetic field surrounding the Bermuda Triangle this is in fact not true. There are many other theories as to why there have been numerous reported losses of vessels whether aircraft or ships. These include the deep current that originates in the Gulf of Mexico known as the Gulf Stream, Human error is perhaps the most cited explanation, and violent weather is a cause, rogue waves, as well as methane hydrates have been theorized as well. Ultimately, people love a great story, and the paranormal, so the strange happenings at the Bermuda Triangle will continue to enamour pop culture.

Anyone who is planning on taking a trip to the Bahamas should consider checking out the Bermuda Triangle. You can easily plan your vacation online with the help of internet travel agencies. There, you will be able to find a travel packages deal for any budget. It is important to remember, if you are going to be traveling to the Bahamas that you will need to have a valid United States passport. If you need to obtain a U S passport renewal before your trip, you can go online and get assistance with all your passport needs from an internet passport agency.

Preparing An Overseas Destination Wedding

Many people today are having destination weddings this is because often times they are cheaper than weddings in the United States. The Caribbean offers great sandy beaches and warm weather and even more exotic locations like Rarotonga make for the perfect tranquil wedding destination. No matter the destination there are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to traveling for your big day. You may be wondering how long doest it take to get a passport if you don’t have one, and if you already do you will have to figure out how to take care of the name change in US passport for you upcoming travel. These are just few of the many things to consider for your trip to wedded bliss.

Passport Needs

Passports are very important items to consider when planning a destination wedding. Both the bride and groom will need to obtain passports if they don’t already have them. IF this is the case be sure to ask a passport representative how long doest it take to get a passport in order to allow enough time for the passport to arrive. If the bride and groom already have passports, then be sure that their expiration dates are not encroaching as that could sour plans. The last passport issue to consider is the name change in passport if the bridge is taking her future husbands name. Often times the marriage certificate is obtained in advance which may change the legal name on a passport.

Destination Weddings

You want to be sure that wherever you get married the union will be recognized in the United States. Most Caribbean destination weddings are valid in the United States. Also, check into resorts that offer wedding packages and what they include. Some packages include a photographer as well as beachfront service, and someone who will preside over the wedding. Other resorts will charge per option which can get pricy. Make sure you also have witnesses; many couples will act as witnesses for another couple getting married so this can all be planned ahead of time. When planning a wedding abroad be sure to research options regarding destination, wedding packages, and laws.


Getting the dress to the destination is a tricky feat. Some brides will actually ship the wedding dress to the resort in order to ensure proper arrival and from there the resort staff will press it and have it ready to go for the big day. Others due to time constraints will travel with their dress. If this is the case it is important to contact the airline ahead of time to see what their protocol is regarding brides and wedding dresses. Many will allow brides to board first in order to allow for proper storage of their gowns. But calling ahead of time is the best way to plan.

Choosing a destination wedding can be a great way to save money and have an adventure. Remember, if you are going to be traveling overseas for a destination wedding, you must have a valid United States passport with you. Without a passport, you will not be permitted to travel internationally. Thankfully, online passport agencies have made it easier than ever for American citizens to take care of passport issues, such as a name change on passport. If you are wondering how long does it take to get an American passport, it depends. Most services can be completed in as little as a few days with the help of internet passport agencies. Once you have your new passport in hand, you will be ready to travel overseas for a destination wedding.

The Amazing Tale Of John Rosatti

John Rosatti’s life has been filled with both personal triumphs and tragedies. He has started and maintained countless successful business ventures. He has raised a loving and supportive family. He has dealt with and overcome great losses in his personal life. John Rosatti was born and spent his developing years in Brooklyn, New York. He was the son of a city worker and seamstress. The three, along with John’s older sister, lived in a small, Brooklyn apartment. It was during these formative years that John developed a strong work ethic and appreciation for family values.

The Early Years

In typical, Italian fashion, John grew up enjoying large family meals that were shared by many relatives. They would routinely sit around the dinner table for hours exchanging wonderful stories and enjoying fantastic home cooked meals. One of John’s favorite relatives was his grandfather, John Adam Bassett, who was a decorated United States Naval Officer. His grandfather had changed his last name from Rosatti to Bassett in order to avoid discrimination in the workplace. He served valiantly during World War II, and his heroics are documented in the book, “Force Mulberry: The Planning and Installation of the Artificial Harbor of U.S. Normandy Beaches in WWII” (Whitehead Press). It was from his grandfather that John Rosatti learned the importance of a hard day’s work.

Automobile Industry

Even though they did not have much money while he was growing up, Mr. Rosatti’s parents instilled in him a strong work ethic. It was with the incredible drive and work ethic that Mr. Rosatti used to propel himself into the business world. When he was just 11 years old, John Rosatti worked as a meat delivery boy. This was his first job, and it taught him the importance of hard work. Later on, he worked as a mechanic in the automotive industry. Eventually, he bought a small car dealership in Flatbush, NY. This business venture proved to be very successful, and propelled Mr. Rosatti on to other ventures.

Hard Work

John learned from a young age the importance of working with your hands from his father, who he regularly went to work with at the local boat docks. There, he acquired many mechanical skills that would eventually lead him to a successful career in the automobile industry. At the age of 21, John married his first wife, Joann, and opened his first car dealership. The dealership he bought in 1978 was located in Flatbush, NY and sold Oldsmobiles. This venture turned out to be very successful and his dealership was regularly named as a “Top 100” dealership by Ward’s Automotive. John went on to form a group of dealerships labeled the Plaza Auto Mall. This allowed him to expand his business outside of New York, and into New Jersey, Nevada and Florida.

Family Tragedy

After 18 years of marriage, John and Joann made the mutual decision to get a divorce. However, the two remain friends to this day. After a few more years of hard work expanding his empire, John met and married his second wife, Bonni. They were married on the island of St. Thomas, surrounded by friends and family, and moved to Brooklyn to start a family. They had three children together, who grew up attending church and Catholic schools in the Brooklyn area. In 1997, John lost his father in a horrible car accident. Three years later, John also lost his beloved wife, Bonni, to a serious car accident. Left with three young children to care for, John began spending more time at home raising the kids, while also running his many business ventures.

In 2002, John made a donation to the Benjamin School in North Palm Beach, FL. The Benjamin School is where John’s three children attend. John donated a million dollars to the school to build the Rosatti Administration/Library and Media Center. He named the building in memory of his late wife, Bonni. John has been incredibly successful in the world of business, and has raised a beautiful family. He has also been able to overcome tragedies that would have devastated a other people. He is the embodiment of the American dream. He is an individual who, through hard work and determination, was able to build a successful business empire. He was also able to accomplish this while still spending time with those he loved around him.

Visiting New Zealand To See The Hot Water Beach

New Zealand offers many attractions and is a popular destination for many due to the landscape and culture. One of the more popular destinations is the Hot Water Beach. This beach features hot water due to the hot springs below. To swim in the Hot Water Beach of New Zealand get a passport fast by using expedited passport services. It is sure to be an experience of a lifetime.

US Passports

Passports are necessary documents when it comes to international travel. They allow an individual to travel to a foreign country and re-enter the United States without any problems. These documents act as an international travel ID. Many online agencies offer services to get a US passport including expedited passport services. These agencies will help keep the necessary document up to date.

Hot Water Beach

This Hot Water Beach of New Zealand is located on the east cost of the Coromandel Peninsula. The beach features underground hot springs which filter through the sand that are between the high and low tides. It is an extremely popular destination for locals and tourists alike and is the most popularly visited geothermal attraction in the Waikato Region of New Zealand.

Safety At Hot Water Beach

When visiting this geothermal attraction it’s important to stay aware of the tide level. These springs are located close to the sea even at low tide. For this reason visitors have often been caught unaware by large breaking waves. Hot Water Beach also features dangerous rip currents that have claimed the lives of many visitors. There is an area that is patrolled by lifeguards however it is still strongly recommended that only strong swimmers enter the water.

Walking Trails

The region is known as a walker’s paradise as it features many coastal walkways that include bush walks that can be several hours up to several days. Artists have often made the region their home which has lead to many arts and crafts trails that go from one side of the peninsula to the other along the highly travelled Pacific Coast Highway. In addition to walking tours there are also driving tours that give a much broader view of the countryside. Water activities including the Hot Water Beach are numerous including fishing, kayaking, sailing, swimming, or snorkelling.

If you are going to be taking a trip to New Zealand it is important you take all of these things into account. If you need to travel there quickly and do not have an application for passport yet you need to contact a private company that can get you an overnight passport. Once you have your passport in hand you will be able to visit New Zealand and enjoy all the spectacular sites it has to offer. If you need an expedited U.S. passport, you can get a passport online from an internet passport agency.

Blue Marlin Fishing In Guatemala

Guatemala has long been regarded as one of the fishing capitals of the world. This is because there are so many wonderful fishing charters and pristine bodies of water that are available to fishermen. If you are interested in black marlin or blue marlin fishing, your best bet is to go down to Guatemala. There, you can hire a professional fishing charter that can show you exactly where the fish are. If you are at all interested in fishing you will have a spectacular time in Guatemala. It truly is a fisherman’s paradise. Guatemalan sport fishing charters are a great way to get an amazing fishing experience while in Guatemala. Heading off to Guatemala for a fishing adventure would surely be the fishing experience of a lifetime.

When To Go

There are specific times of the year when it is best to go fishing for marlin. It has to do with their migratory patterns. The best time of the year to go to Guatemala for marlin fishing is in November and December. If you hire a guide you will have a much better understanding of why it is important to go marlin fishing during these peak months.

How To Catch Marlin

If you are thinking about going fishing for marlin in Guatemala you should try and schedule your trip for this time of the year. Even though you can catch marlin all year long in Guatemala, it is much more likely that you will have success if you go in November and December. This is why it is such a good idea to book your marlin adventure for this time of the year.

Marlin Facts

If you do make it to Guatemala during this glorious time of year you will be in for the ride of your life. There is nothing more challenging in the sport of fishing than trying to go after a large marlin. They will fight for hours and are incredibly difficult to reel in. The average weight of a marlin is an astonishing 225 pounds. However, there have been some marlins caught in Guatemala that has weighed in at well over 1,000 pounds. The largest marlin ever caught on record in Guatemala weighed an outrageous 1,805 pounds!

What You’ll Need

During the peak months, the waters of Guatemala are teaming with marlin. In fact, it is not unheard of to catch a couple marlins during one fishing trip in Guatemala. An experienced fishing charter will be able to provide you with all of the equipment and bait you will need to successfully fish for marlins like a pro. It would be very difficult for a novice fisherman to have any success catching marlins in Guatemala without the guidance and expertise of a professional fishing charter.

One of the best ways to experience Guatamala sportfishing is to hire a fishing charter. If you are looking for the fishing adventure of a lifetime, consider going down to Guatemala. There you will experience some of the greatest blue marlin fishing the world has to offer. Black marlin is also very popular to fish for in Guatemala. So, grab a couple of your friends and head down to Guatemala for an experience you will never forget. If you are looking for the fishing adventure of a lifetime, consider traveling to Guatemala to fish for blue marlin.

Going For A Holiday To Barcelona Spain

Traveling overseas can be a wonderful experience. If you are trying to decide where to go for an international vacation, consider traveling to Barcelona, Spain. Spain is one of the oldest and most beautiful countries in the entire world. The country has been a favorite tourist destination of world travelers for hundreds of years. You must remember, if you are going to be traveling overseas to Spain, you will need to have a valid United States passport. Without a passport, you will not be allowed to leave the country for any reason at all. If you need renew US passport services for your US passport, you can easily and quickly go online and find a reputable internet passport agency that can help you.

Passport Needs

Anyone who has ever traveled abroad before knows the importance of having a valid United States passport. Without a passport, you cannot travel outside of the United States for any reason. Also, if you happen to lose your passport while you are already overseas, you will have to obtain a replacement passport before you will be allowed to return home. Unlike in the past, getting a new or replacement passport has never been easier for American citizens.


While Madrid is technically Spain’s largest city, Barcelona is still one of the biggest and most bustling cities in the European Union. Barcelona is actually the sixth most populated city in Europe. There are many incredible places to visit while in Barcelona. It is renowned for its excellent cuisine and fascinating historical attractions. Anyone who is scheduled to spend time in Spain should think about spending a day or two in Barcelona.

Things To See

Barcelona was originally founded as a Roman city, eventually it became one of the most prominent cities of the Crown of Aragon. Barcelona is rich in culture and is also a thriving cultural center as well as tourist destination. Barcelona is known for the architectural works of Antoni Gaudi as well as Lluis Domenech I Montaner; these works have also been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There a few legends regarding the founding of the city, one places it in the year 400B.C.E. by Hercules, while the other has it placed around the 3rd century B.C.E. by a prominent family. Regardless of legend, in 15B.C.E. the Romans withdrew their military camp and the city was allowed to thrive.

Walking Around

Barcelona is an incredible hot spot for tourism and architecture. The city also features a great number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as many activities. Barcelona can satisfy the interests of anyone. Just walking around the streets will give you views of fountains and palaces from the Barri Gotic. Some great attractions include the Harbour Cable Car, the Gaudi architecture and Modernist Barcelona; there is also the museum of natural history as well as the CosmoCaiza Museum of Science. There are great walkways featuring beautiful tree-lined views as well as beaches and beachfront boardwalks. Barcelona has a great number of attractions and historical sites that are sure to satisfy anyone’s interests.

Barcelona is rated a top city in many different areas, from economic stability to tourism. It is a city with a rich history and features many grand sites including Gaudi Architecture and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. To venture to this great city make sure to start the renew passport process if your United States passport is expired. You don’t want to miss a trip to Barcelona, Spain.