Heart Palpitations During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, many women get anxious and worried due to the heart palpitations. Heart beating at an abnormal rapid speed can be defined as heart palpitations. Along with pregnancy symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, fatigue and constipation, many pregnant women experiences heart palpitations. There are several causes behind heart palpitations during pregnancy. This article focuses on the causes, and treatment for heart palpitations during pregnancy.

Heart Palpitations During Pregnancy – Causes

Mental Stress:- The stress which a pregnant woman goers through could lead to frequent heart palpitations. Stress becomes a common problem during pregnancy as a pregnant goes through a lot of hormonal and physical changes. The blood pressure of a pregnant women increases due to stress, thus resulting in rapid increase of a heart beat.

Excessive Intake of Caffeine:- Consumption of coffee and tea in an excessive amount can increase heart rate. Intake of caffeine result in causing anxiety attack, thus leading to heart palpitations during pregnancy.

Physical Stress:- It is very important to do some exercises during pregnancy. However, doing excess of physical exercises can also result in dizziness and physical fatigue, thus, causing heart palpitations.

Anaemia:- The deficiency of hemoglobin in the body leads to anaemia. The amount of blood in the body of a pregnant woman doubles. The body of a pregnant woman needs increased amount of iron in order to make blood. If the required iron is not provided the woman turns into anaemic which causes heart palpitations during pregnancy.

Magnesium Deficiency:- Intake of less amount of magnesium in the diet of a pregnant women may result in heart palpitations. Symptoms produced by a pregnant women experiencing magnesium deficiency are morning sickness and vomiting.

Heart Palpitations During Pregnancy – Treatment

  • In order to treat anaemia during pregnancy, a diet rich in vitamin C and iron should be taken. Foods that are rich in iron are apricots, prunes, eggs, liver and red meat.
  • In order to treat magnesium deficiency, you may include nuts, legumes, green vegetables, wheat bran and raisins in your diet.
  • In order to treat stress, do yoga, meditation and simple breathing exercises.
  • If you are experiencing heart palpitations during pregnancy due to some medicines, then immediately replace those medicines.
  • Take adequate rest and avoid drinking tea and coffee.

During pregnancy, heart palpitations are quite normal. However if you are experiencing heart palpitations along with short breathing, dizziness, chest pain and fainting then immediately consult to doctor.



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