Rehabilitation Means Ending Harmful Relationships

One of the leading dangers to your sobriety as a recovering addict is the presence of associations to individuals that do not effectively support your recovery. A lot of people that go through alcohol rehabilitation such as the one located at, realize that their efforts get squandered when friends don’t enable them to stay sober. The joy that you have found in your brand new lifestyle may be discouraged by friends or family that suddenly seem bitter or hurt because you no longer wish to take part in the activities that you used to. The same individuals who you believed were your friends might just completely dismiss you, or even worse, they might go out of their way to try to destroy your sobriety. There are some things that you should expect from harmful friendships when you begin your life after treatment.

Be Ready To Discover Who Your True Friends Are

Once again, some people might go out of their way to destroy the good thing that you’ve got for several purposes. However, you really can see by the way they dealt with you before you were admitted into treatment. If anyone that you regarded as a friend attempted to discourage you against receiving treatment by suggesting that you didn’t have an addiction or that rehab is a total waste of time, they most likely weren’t true friends to begin with. In life after rehabilitation, if the same individuals are pushing you to take part in events that would ordinarily lead to substance abuse, then they are in all likelihood not true friends. Even when they don’t persuade you to use again, when they are thoughtless of your necessities and still ask you to meet up with them at places that are crammed with temptations, that relationship might be harmful to your recovery.

Anticipate Their Actions To Be A Indication Of Their Own Shame

If these kinds of so-called friends are trying to destroy your sobriety it may be for a number of reasons. Your recovery might make them to be aware of the reality of their very own lives, and will also illuminate the fact that there’s a problem. If they are not able to cope with that issue then destroying your recovery could be the only chance that they have to look normal. They may have tried to get sober independently without success; feelings of impotence may originate from seeing your prosperity. Perhaps they do not have a problem with substance abuse but enjoy having an alcoholic drink without the annoyance of impacting you.

Anticipate Difficult Choices

You must handle your sobriety like the most important thing in your life; without it, you risk everything. This means you need to be prepared to make hard decisions that may result in ending relationships that present a threat against sobriety. If they don’t support your way of life, and you do not support theirs, then they have to be cut off. While it is a sad thing to consider losing friendships, by doing so you will end up making space for beneficial and encouraging friendships that you may not be able to have otherwise.

Another way to cultivate wholesome friendships is through spending time in places where there are people that are going through very similar situations. Becoming a member of self-help classes like Alcoholics Anonymous can be a easy way to interact with like-minded people that have similar goals. They ideal thing that can happen is that toxic acquaintances will overlook you or they’ll be motivated and go to rehabilitation themselves. Otherwise, you have to be prepared to make tough calls. For more information about how addiction is a disease that needs to be fought against for your entire life, go to


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